Book Unhaul Questions | getting rid of books | blogmas day 18

Many book lovers I know cling on to books like a dragon clings on to gold coins. And dragons love gold coins. 

BooksAndLala on YouTube started off a Book Unhaul Challenge, but I thought I would continue on with the idea but asking a few more questions. I am going to try and get rid of a whole host of books this month, so these questions will be helpful to both me and (hopefully) you! 

Whilst the Book Unhaul Challenge has a list of categories and you try and get rid of a book for each category, this list of questions I’m asking will apply to all books. When answering these questions, I would use the KonMari method – basically, take all the books from your shelves (maybe shelf by shelf if you have a lot!), and hold each one individually as you decide whether to keep or get rid of it. It’s all well and good going through your shelves whilst the books are still on the shelves, but I find it a lot easier to get rid of more books if I’m actually holding them. 

Remember that, unless it’s a signed, personalised copy, a special, limited edition, or out of print, you’ll be able to get hold of another copy if you decide you want it again. 

Qs for unread books: 

  • How long have you had this book?
  • Are you realistically going to read it if you haven’t yet? 
  • Was it a present from someone with good intentions but perhaps doesn’t know your reading tastes? 
  • Have your reading tastes changed since you bought this book? 
  • Would you buy this book again now? 
  • Would someone else enjoy it more than you? 
  • Is it a duplicate of a book you already own? 
  • Did you DNF (did not finish) the book? 
  • Are you going to finish the series? 
  • Did you buy the book for the hype/cover/for another reason & just never picked it up?
  • Did you buy it “just because” and don’t actually know what it’s about? 
  • Is it an unrequested ARC (advanced reader copy) that you’re unlikely to ever read? 

Qs for read books: 

  • Did you enjoy the book? If not, do you really want to be seeing it all the time? 
  • Are you going to finish the series? 
  • Did you love it, but are never going to reread it again/don’t really need it on your shelves? 
  • Could you give it to someone else who would enjoy it just as much/more than you? 

I hope that these questions helped you to decide whether or not you want to get rid of some of your books! I don’t think that there’s anything wrong with having lots of books, but if it’s making you unhappy, maybe it’s time to reevaluate. That’s exactly what I’m doing, and partly why I made this blog post. If you have any questions to add, or comments about this topic in general, I’d love to hear them! 

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