How Do I Read So Many Books? | blogmas day 8

Sometimes – and this is going to sound unbelievably narcissistic – I amaze myself with how fast I read. I read for around 30-40 minutes the other day, and somehow managed to get 70 pages through my book! 

People sometimes comment on how I read so much, especially when I have university work, am writing a book, and doing a whole bunch of other stuff. 

My first instinct is to simply say “I don’t know”, but in reality, I know that there are some things that I do that you can probably implement into your daily life to help you read more. 

Reading something I enjoy – this is so simple, but really, not a lot of people think of it. I read things I know that I’ll enjoy – historical fiction, YA, MG, fantasy, crime etc. If I enjoy it, I’m far more likely to pick up the book when I have a spare 10 minutes rather than scrolling through Twitter.

Bringing a book everywhere with me – I remember my mum introducing me by saying, “This is Hannah, she’s almost always got a book with her.” And that’s true! I bring my book almost everywhere with me, whether it’s a physical book, on my phone, or my Kindle. If I get stuck out somewhere, I can read, or if I have a longer-than-usual bus journey voila – I have a book, and you can get a surprising amount read on public transport. 

Setting miniature goals – this makes reading sound pretty competitive, and I think it’s probably better to get you through your course reading, but sometimes I’ll say “Ok, I’ll read to page 70 by the end of the day”. Because I’m so competitive and stubborn, I usually get it done!

Follow the lines – if I’m having trouble keeping on track, or just getting distracted, I take a bookmark and following the lines down the page as I read. You can do a similar thing with a pen, but it’s actually a huge help to read faster – and it’s a legit tip that speed readers recommend! But mainly, it helps to keep me on track when I’m tired and struggling with comprehension but still want to read. 

Read short books – ultimate cop-out, but when people say “you read 10 books this month?! How?!” I’ve often mixed in some books below 300 pages with the longer ones! Comics and poetry books can also help you feel more accomplished if reading more helps you feel better. Sometimes if I’m slogging through some 500 page novel or whatever, reading a short book or a graphic novel can give me a boost to get it finished! 

I really hope that these tips have helped you. The one main one that I have yet to list is this: always be reading something! If you’re not reading something all the time, how can you be expecting to read more?! Once you finish a book, take some time to digest it, then don’t wait too long before picking up another one. 

Do you have any tips to add to this list? 

12 thoughts on “How Do I Read So Many Books? | blogmas day 8

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  2. so much YES for short books that are entertaining! nothing is worse than trying to slog through a slow 700 page book, and not letting yourself pick up anything else until you’ve finished that sucker. but a few action packed fun as heck novellas? i can usually get through an entire one in about 2 hours! (i’m a slow reader).

    I also like to read on my lunch break at work. Learned pretty quick it’s impossible to get any reading done in the break room, so i’ll go sit in the park, or sit in my car.

    1. Definitely! I love novellas so much, they’re just the perfect size for me! That’s such a great idea, I try and read before bed every night now and I can get through an extra book a week! It’s finding the small amounts of time that all add up 🙂

  3. Hanna those are great tips! I love the reading goals haha I am always carrying my kindle or a book! that helps a lot indeed! it also helps to have your phone away haha that takes a lot of time XD Great post!

    Reading what you love… that is so true! I like Little Women but it took me like a month to finish it… A MONTH! haha

      1. It’s so much fun haha, but I often forget who’s alive and who’s dead and I often miss deaths when they happen so it’s helpful for me to look back and still see who’s kicking around! Haha!

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