Guest Post | My 3 Favourite Thriller Authors by Jennifer Leigh

Hello all! Today, I am delighted to share a wonderful post by one of my favourite bloggers, Jenn Leigh. I absolutely love thriller novels, but read so sporadically I don’t really have a favourite thriller writer. However, many do have favourite writers, and today Jenn is going to share three of hers. 

Hi everyone! My name is Jenn and I run the blog Bound to Writing!

Growing up, thriller and horror books were something I loved to read. Though I still enjoy the thriller, the horror side scared me, even then. But I continued to read.

What I love about thrillers, is the way that they scare you. Some of the books I read, I would crouch in the corner of my room to make sure no one could come up from behind me. I may have also been a scaredy-cat, but that’s not what we’re talking about today!

Halloween is right around the corner and spooky decorations are hanging up all around my town. The Halloween shops are open. People are talking about their costumes. But no one is talking about books! So today, I’m bringing you my top horror/thriller authors that will be sure to give you a scare this Halloween season!


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joan lowery nixon |

Joan Lowery Nixon


I’m starting with my favourite horror author. Joan Lowery Nixon’s books are some of the scariest I’ve read. After reading many of the books, I would barely be able to sleep at night. I remember reading my first Joan Lowery Nixon book, The House on Hackman’s Hill and having to put the book down because of how scared I was. Being that her books released many in the 1990’s, it is hard to come across her books in stores, but I have held onto the copies that I was able to buy.

If you’re looking for a genuine and horrified scare, I recommend reading a Joan Lowery Nixon book.

Lois Duncan


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lois duncan | wikipedia

Lois Duncan is another author I fell in love with during my horror reading days. Her books are on the thrilling side of the spectrum here. They move you to think one way; suddenly with a complete shift of hand you’re blindsided by what happens. I love the suspense these books give as you read the book. My favourite Lois Duncan books is Down a Dark Hall.


Again, many of these books were released in the 1990’s so finding them in a store is difficult. They are worth reading if you can get yourself a copy.

If you’re looking for a thriller, I recommend reading a Lois Duncan book.


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rl stine |

R.L. Stine


What is a list of horror authors if R.L. Stine isn’t on it?! R.L. Stine is the Stephen King of YA and MG horror. Although, I’ve never read Stephen King because my fright meter is broken and small things scare me now. All well! I loved reading Goosebumps growing up, but Fear Street has some of my favourite books by him. My favourite R.L. Stine book is The Wrong Number.

If you’re looking for for a mix of horror and thriller, I recommend checking out books by R.L. Stine.

Jennifer Leigh

Who are some of your favourite horror/thriller writers? I’d love to check them out!

Thank you, Hannah, for the opportunity to share some of my favourite horror/thriller authors. I hope you all find a new favourite author from my list.

About Jenn:

Jennifer Leigh is a self-published young adult author and blogger. She loves to participate in National Novel Writing Month. Her blog, Bound to Writing, focuses on young adult books and writing. She lives in New Jersey with her fiancé, two guinea pigs, cat, fish, and hermit crabs.



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