Book Review | Death in Spotlight by Robin Stevens

This review may contain spoilers of the previous 6 books in the Murder Most Unladylike Series.

39300354Daisy and Hazel return to the UK, but not to Deepdean quite yet. Determined to give them a break from murder, Daisy’s Uncle Felix and Aunt Lucy look after the girls at their house in London for a month. And to keep them out of trouble, they both have parts in ROMEO AND JULIET at the Rue Theatre. But trouble is afoot: a difficult cast member is receiving threats, accusations are flying, and soon a body is found…

In case you didn’t know, this is one of my all-time favourite series of books. I love the Wells & Wong series with all my heart, and devoured this next instalment in a matter of hours. 

I really enjoyed the setting of this one – a theatre is such a creepy, interesting place to stage a murder! (Heh, did you see what I did there?) I like the idea that Stevens explored of people having many different layers to them, and different masks that they wear. It’s a theme that I think has a big prevalence in today’s society, and I think the exploration of it was really well done and interesting.

Before we get onto my faves – Hazel & Daisy – let’s talk about the crime! I had no idea whodunnit before the big reveal and ohmygosh it was SO good! I thought it was really interesting, although was kind of shocked at how Daisy and Hazel solved it? I think I kind of lost the train of thought just before it was revealed and picked it up again after, so I think I’m going to have to go back and reread that section because I have no idea how they reached the conclusion… aside from the fact they are actual detectives and I, decidedly, am not. BUT, I think it was the perfect murder considering the setting, and Robin Stevens has done it again. I read a quote recently saying that if you guess the murderer in a detective novel before it’s revealed, the writer has failed. Robin Stevens has certainly succeeded!

And finally, onto Hazel and Daisy. Let’s start with a *slight spoiler* – Daisy comes out as gay! I have thought the whole way through the series that Daisy might be a lesbian or ace, so it’s so exciting that Stevens has made one of her main characters gay! And seeing Daisy with a crush was adorable and hilarious! I love seeing people usually unflustered completely overturned by a pretty face, and Daisy was no different.

And Hazel! Guys, my love for Hazel knows no bounds. I love that she’s got so much more confident and her character development has built so much over the series, especially since the last book. I’m also looking forward to seeing where her relationship with Alexander goes!

Gosh, this review has really just been me throwing lots of amazing things at you. I really loved Death in the Spotlight, as I have loved the entire series. Every time I think that murder books get stagnant, another curveball is thrown in and I get overwhelmed once again! I highly recommend this series, no matter your age.

Rating: 5/5

Source: bought from Waterstones

I was lucky enough to meet Robin Stevens at a book signing last week, and she signed my book! This has no relevance to the review, but I was very happy so I thought I’d post a cute pic here. 🙂  signature white


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