I recommend you books based on your blog | introductory post

I love recommending people books. It’s a great feeling when you suggest a book to someone and they absolutely love it. So many people have recommended me books in real life and online, so I would love to do the same. I love looking at people on the street and wondering what they read when they’re at home. Well, now I can kinda do that – but this time with bloggers!

In a new series I’m bringing to Sprinkled With Words, I am going to be recommending three books to a different blogger – and hopefully they’ll love them.

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All of the books are of course ones I’ve also read, and I’d be using both blog content and blog design in my recommendations. I think it’s going to be so much fun!

“I recommend you books based on your blog” posts will be uploaded every other Wednesday at 7pm GMT/BST, and will feature a different blogger every time. (I couldn’t think up a snappier title, but the lengthier ones have character too!)

The list of bloggers is completely full right now (up until next May!) so I’m not currently looking for more bloggers to participate, but drop a comment if you’re interested! I already feel like I might take a summer hiatus from this series, but if I don’t, I’ll make sure to get in touch.

Stay tuned for next week when the first post will go up…

Until then,

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