in favour of rereading

You close the book, set it aside. Lean back in your chair. Perhaps you take a sip of your cold tea, spit it back into the mug. Perhaps you whisper, “Wow,” to yourself.

You hop onto social media, Tweet, Instagram, blog your love for this new favourite book. You rave about it, know that it’s one that will come up in conversations.

And then you put it onto your shelf, and don’t pick it up again.

Well, friends, here’s my vote: wait a few months, perhaps, and then stroke the spine with a familiar finger and take it from the shelf. Snuggle into a chair, and crack open that first page once more.


Rereading is like falling back into conversation with an old best friend. It feels as natural and comforting as collapsing into bed after a long day on your feet. It’s drinking a cold glass of water and feeling the liquid make its way to your stomach.

I’ve only recently started rereading books, and I don’t know why I ever stopped. I used to do it all the time as a child, and then consumerism and the feeling, the need, to constantly read new books instead of relishing in the old ones I already love.

You return to a favourite coffee shop time and again, and drink the same mug of coffee time and again, so why not revisit your favourite books in the same manner? When you drink that coffee, you might look up and notice a painting on the wall you didn’t see before, or a new person sat in the chair adjacent to yours. It’s the same when rereading a book. You think you know everything? Think again.

Book lovers, I would like to challenge you to try and reread an old favourite once a month. Take time out of the competition to always read more, and return to an old friend who’s always waiting for you on the shelf.

Until the next time,


7 thoughts on “in favour of rereading

  1. You make some awesome points! I’ve never been into rereading. I remember way too much about the book and the spark is gone for me. But I’m the same with watching movies. There are only a few that I’ve seen more than once. I may give it a try one day, though, and see how it goes! 🙂

    1. I used to be like that, but my memory has gotten really bad recently! I can reread Harry Potter over and over but I forget endings, oddly, a lot of the time, so I sometimes just want to reread the last 20 or so pages of every single book… I think you should definitely give it a go sometime, though!

  2. I totally agree! I’ve recently gone on a few binge reading benders and think that returning to the books I loved so much and so fiercely on the first go may be equally exciting on a second read!

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