My Top Ten Tips for YALC Newbies!

Next week brings one of the biggest events in the bookish calendar – YALC, or the Young Adult Literature Convention. It’s a 3-day event at Olympia in London, where LFCC – the London Film and Comic Convention – is also taking place in the same weekend.

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It begins on Friday 27th July, and lasts until Sunday 29th July, and as it starts at 10am and finishes at 6pm, that’s 8 hours a day of bookish goodness! That’s a lot of books in one day, and if you’re going, for one day, two, or three, it’s worth it to try and make the most of the day. I went for all three days last year, so although I’ve only been once, I’ve still collected a few tips to share with you all if this is your first time, or you’re just plain curious.

  1. Wear comfortable shoes! Always, always wear comfortable shoes. A lot of the day will be spent on your feet/walking from place to place, so although your heels may look pretty, you’ll be wanting to throw them across the hall by the end of the day.
  2. Take a spare bag (preferably a tote). You’ll be getting a lot of books so you need somewhere to put them and a tote is one of the easiest bags to take.
  3. Layer up – but not too many! Wear layers so you can strip them off / put them on if you get too hot or too cold. Just don’t take a big coat, remember that it’s the middle of summer in London, so it’s always going to be hot. A jacket might be useful though.
  4. Plan your day in advance. Honestly, everyone says this… but do it. Print out the first day schedule from the website, and grab a programme.
  5. Take food in when you start. You’ll be able to enter and come back in, but it’s easier if you don’t have to do that. Grab some lunch when before you even start.
  6. STAY. HYDRATED. Dehydration is the worst and will ruin your day. Bring a water bottle, or be prepared to buy them!
  7. Be selective. It’s easy to make grabby hands and take every book that you think you might want to read, but your bag will get very heavy very fast, and keep in mind that if you pick up a book you might want, someone else might not have had a chance to get a book they really want.
  8. With that said – be mindful. Be mindful of stepping backwards into people, be mindful of people in queues, be mindful of what you say.
  9. Turn on @yalc_uk Twitter notifications. And bkmrk notifications. And basically every single publisher who is there. Some Tweet about giveaways and exciting things, so it’s well worth checking Twitter all the time. (Oh, and bring a phone charger too). I’m counting 9 as all things phone!
  10. Make sure to check out LFCC! That’s the London Film and Comin Con, it’s downstairs so it’s really easy to get to and it’s so worth checking out if you love all things geek. I’m planning on spending a bit of time at LFCC because I love so many different TV shows and films!

So there you go, here’s 10 tips I picked up from last year that I wanted to pass on to anyone. If you’re going for the first time, feel free to follow me on Twitter where I’ll be Tweeting throughout the weekend!

And if you go, make sure to have fun!

~ Hannah @ Sprinkled With Words 🙂

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