The Marvel Readathon day 2 | Iron Man!

Hello all! It’s the second day of the readathon and I thought I’d share an update of my reading thus far!

I spent the day at a really lovely estate in Norfolk, I’ll be sharing a full blog post later but for now here have a pretty picture:

Anyway, I didn’t think I would read that much today but I actually read a whole book! The book I read was Hunted by Meagan Spoonerwhich was 374 pages, so 374 + 149 brings my total of the readathon so far to 523 for the readthon so far which I think is pretty good going!

And today’s challenge is to share my reading spot. I read a little beside the lake at the estate, but I came home and finished the book on the sofa with a really lovely cup of tea, so here is a photo of that!

The sofa isn’t always the comfiest place but it was pretty good. For some reason, I read this book really fast, and zipped through about 100 pages an hour. It was great!

Anyway, today is celebrating the modern OG, Mr Tony Stark himself – Iron Man!

Image result for tony stark iron man gif

If you want to join in with the readathon, hop over to the blog or the Twitter, and hit up my Twitter if you want to keep up with me! ;P

Until the next time, Hx

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