Why You Should Read Murder Most Unladylike by Robin Stevens

Having just finished the first book of short stories and extra info attached to the Wells & Wong series by Robin Stevens, I am embarking on re-reading all of the 5 books currently out, and I thought I would chat about why you should read Robin Stevens’ Wells & Wong series too! Book 6 comes out on February 8th 2018 (you can read more about me rambling about it here!), so you have ample time to read all 5 books before the 6th comes out soon!

The books, in order, are:

  1. Murder Most Unladylike
  2. Arsenic for Tea
  3. First Class Murder
  4. Jolly Foul Play
  5. Mistletoe and Murder
  6. A Spoonful of Murder (out Feb 8th 2018)

And the book of short stories aforementioned is called Cream Buns and Crime.

So why should you read these books? Read on to find out…

read mmu

  1. Daisy Wells and Hazel Wong
    Okay so these two are basically a bad-ass girl version of Sherlock and Watson. Not only do we have epic girl detectives and a lot of talk about women’s rights in the 1930s, but also Hazel is from Hong Kong. She talks a bit about racism and diversity (as in, Hazel as the narrator), and I just love these two and want to be their friends.
  2. Diversity and rights
    Moving on from the racial diversity of the main characters, we have a couple of same-sex relationships, and lots of talks about rights for women. The books begin in 1934, and thus far are up to 1936, so we’re beginning to talk about Germany etc. now as well.
  3. Brilliant mysteries! 
    Robin Stevens is a FANTASTIC mystery writer. The mysteries are fascinating and I love working them out along with the Detective Society! Some of them I spent AGES trying to work out what happened.
  4. Hazel as a narrator
    Hazel is a great narrator, and I am always completely drawn into the world of the mysteries. I think Stevens chose a really good person to narrate the stories. It’s also something I always wanted to do in the story – make the main character not the “main character”. It’s similar with the original Sherlock Holmes stories too.
  5. Historyyyyyyyyyy
    Set in the 1930s, Stevens has really done her research and the stories are so realistic. I really liked this in Cream Buns and Crime where we had recipes from the time period, as well as lots of history about famous unsolved murder mysteries, detectives, spies, and authors.


Those are just 5 reasons why I think you should read Murder Most Unladylike by Robin Stevens! I absolutely LOVE these books and would highly recommend anyone picking them up. They’re recommended for young readers, but I’m 19 years old, an English Lit BA student, and I really enjoy them!

Have you read Murder Most Unladylike, or any of Robin Stevens’ books?

Until the next time,

hannah sign off

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