Book Review | Pugs & Prejudice! | the most apawable classic yet?

Hey everyone! Today I received Pugs and Prejudice in the post from the publisher, and I thought I would do a quick review on it!

Pugs and Prejudice is absolutely apawable! I loved the illustrations – they looked like old-timey portraits, and the pugs were so cute. The story is told really basically, so it’d be a perfect thing to have if you’re a teacher who has to present this novel to their class. It’d be a great addition to a classroom, because my whole family loved it and two of them barely read!

My mum’s favourite book is Pride and Prejudice, and she absolutely loved Pugs and Prejudice too. It’d be a fantastic gift, and I would definitely get it for that. The puns are both in the text and in the imagery, which is just a lovely touch (ball, anyone?). My favourite page has to be the part where Jane becomes very ill at Bingley’s house – in this edition, the pug is wearing the Cone of Shame, and I just absolutely loved it. I want it framed and hung on my wall, I’m not gonna lie.

Image result for cone of shame

All in all, this is a great little book for fans of Jane Austen, and I had such a great reading experience throughout!

Thanks so much to Hachette and Headline for sending me a review copy! All opinions are entirely my own. Amazon UK

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