Bookish This Or That Tag!

Hello all! Today I bring a new tag. I was tagged by the lovely Bexyish to do the bookish this or that tag (original by DayDreamersThoughts). Thank you so much for the tag!

stolen from Bexyish ❤

Audiobook or text book?

Text book! This answer is pretty easy for me. I do like audio books but I really struggle with finding the time to listen to them – I like to have something in my hands!

Paperback or hardback?

Ooh, I’m really not sure with this one. I actually love reading hardbacks, but paperbacks are a lot easier. I think if I had no choice ever again (and money was no object!) I would pick hardback – however, paperbacks are usually so much cheaper.

Fiction or non-fiction?

It’s going to have to be fiction! I love learning, but fiction takes my heart.

Bookshop or online?

Well, I do love online – it’s cheaper, usually, and you can [almost] always get the book that you want. However, nothing quite beats going into a bookshop and bringing your new book babies home with you that day!

Standalone or trilogy?

eek this one is so hard! I absolutely love The Infernal Devices, and also trilogies like the Grisha trilogy. However, I often feel like there’s usually at least one weaker book in a trilogy which can make or break the whole thing *coughthehungergamescough* so I’m going to go with standalone.

Heavy & long or short & sweet?

To be honest, this completely depends on the genre. I love an in-depth, thousand-page-long fantasy novel… but a contemporary of that length better be a bind up of three books, else I’m not reading it!

Reading somewhere cosy, or in the sun?

This would definitely be somewhere cosy. I love snuggling up under a blanket on the sofa with a book and a hot chocolate! In the sun just doesn’t really cover it – I get the glare from my glasses, I get burnt, I get sweaty, and the book gets hot! So yes. Somewhere cosy please and thank you.

Hot chocolate or coffee?

Coffee. Now, please and thank you. I do love a hot chocolate, but coffee is what I’m craving right this minute seeing as I am entirely exhausted.

Once again, thanks so much Bexy for the tag! I tag:

Natalie @ Bookographic 
Julia @ Julia’s Bookcase (I know it’s on YouTube shhh you can totally do that <3)

Thanks so much for reading my post! I hope you enjoyed it. Until the next time,

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