Happy Book Lovers’ Day!

Do you love books? (I love books.) If so, this is a day for you!

Books are something which has united people from across the world, and made people into what they are today! Books are so, so important to us as a society and to us as individuals, and personally, I think that they should be celebrated at all turns.


How can you celebrate Book Lovers’ Day? Well you could:

  • Read a new book!
  • Reread your favourite book!
  • Read a book aloud to someone
  • Buy a new book!
  • Hit up your local library!
  • Give a book to someone!
  • Just share the bookish love!


I hope you’ve all had a lovely Book Lovers’ Day, and a lovely (uh…?) humpday in general.

All the best,

Hannah x

One thought on “Happy Book Lovers’ Day!

  1. I enjoyed my Book Lovers’ Day working on blog posts and now starting a new book. I would say I showed all my love for books today!

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