Book Review | The Glory by Lauren St John

28162817Alex is a classified young deliquent. Sent by her mum and stepfather to Camp Renew, a boarding school in America, across the Atlantic. 

Will is a would-be vet, currently flipping burgers and wishing that he could take care of his father and his horse, Shiraz. 

The Glory is a 2000 mile endurance race across four states over the USA. Both Alex and Will have signed up for the race. Now all there is to do is win. 

I really, really loved The Glory. It was such a brilliant story! 

The beginning was a bit rough. I thought Alex was a bit of a selfish prat, really, and her parents were just absolutely awful. I literally cannot believe what they did to their child; sending her away across the Atlantic to a weirdo boarding school? What kind of supposed loving parent (as they seemed) would do that? It seemed so bizarre and I had a lot of anger throughout the book…

The race, The Glory, was awesome. It was so good, really realistic, mainly because Lauren St John is an experienced horsewoman and also did a lot of research for the book. There was so much history in the novel, which was just awesome. I loved the One Dollar Horse trilogy, but this one was definitely a lot more adult (despite the characters being 3 (!) years younger than I am).

And can we talk about the horses?? I LOVE horses, and it was so good. There was a scene with Alex and her horse where i legit nearly started crying, it was so beautiful. St John writes animals beautifully.

I really loved how Alex and Will grew as characters throughout the novel. St John is ACE at character development, and honestly, I shipped them so much, it was so great.

So basically I just want to write so much about how good this book was. I would totally recommend it for:

  • Horse lovers
  • Adventurers
  • Young readers
  • Enjoyers of past Lauren St John readers

Honestly, it’s so good and I would definitely recommend it. However, if we get onto what I didn’t like: the ending. The rest of this paragraph is going to be spoilers so skip to the end if you don’t want to read! I thought that the ending was simply too cliche. Everything worked out… too well? It seemed a bit unrealistic and I just wanted to skip literally to the end of the novel. So I was kind of a bit upset about this; this novel had been so well put together and really enjoyable, and actually really very realistic, but the ending kind of ruined it for me.

So overall, I really loved it and would definitely recommend this novel. It’s a fast-paced, kind of sexy and romantic novel, and I loved it.

TITLE: The Glory
AUTHOR: Lauren St John
PUBLISHER//YEAR OF PUBLICATION: Orion Publishing Co. // 2016
ISBN: 9781444012767
PERSONAL SOURCE: Bought at a shop in Swanage, UK
RATING: 4.5/5

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