Book Review | Countless by Karen Gregory

DSC_0253When Hedda discovers she is pregnant, she knows that the numbers just can’t add up. An eating disorder, which she has called Nia, just simply won’t allow it. But as the days continue to count themselves along, Hedda comes to a decision. She and Nia will call a truce; just until the baby is born. She can do it, surely, if she takes it one day at a time… [Adapted from the back of the book]

I really enjoyed this new YA novel. It was a fascinating story, and it seemed to be Own Voices too, from what I could infer from the acknowledgements. I think reading a book where the author has had a similar experience helps to cement the reality of what you’re reading. 

Countless is a love story. It’s a love story of the boy next door, of the baby in your arms, of your sister, your dad, your mother. Hedda has had some really difficult relationships in her life, and this book really made me well up when she was dealing with relationships she has been trying to mend.

The book is told in four parts: The Thing, Countdown, Count Up and Nia. I felt like parts three and four were the most powerful, but although this was  a debut novel, Gregory’s voice was strong throughout the entire book.

Hedda was a great character to narrate, too. She can’t always understand what’s right in front of her, and although her character development was slow and hidden, it was really rewarding to see how much she grew and changed towards the end of the novel. Throughout the whole thing, she’s only 17 going on 18, which is just a year younger than I am now, and that’s scary. It’s really amazing to read about her as a character.

I liked the involvement of Robin, but towards the later part of his story line, I felt that he was really quite unnecessary; similarly with Hedda’s father and Laurel. I think this shows how Hedda has grown up throughout the novel, and she even suggests this herself towards the end. However, the early scenes with Hedda and Robin (aside from later scenes with Hedda, Rose, and her mum, which I won’t delve into because ~spoilers~) were probably my favourite.

I’m really happy to see a strong new YA writer coming to the forefront of the young adult scene, and I’m so excited to (hopefully) see Karen Gregory at YALC 2017. She’s a very talented writer, and although Countless has only just come out, I am excited to see what she writes next!

Thanks to Natalie @ Bookographic for lending me a paperback copy and NetGalley for sending me an eARC. All opinions are my own. 

TITLE: Countless
AUTHOR: Karen Gregory
ISBN: 9781408882504
PERSONAL SOURCE: ARC sent by NetGalley & borrowed from a friend
RATING: 4.5/5

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