Book Review | Stranger, Baby by Emily Berry

DSC_0252Stranger, Baby is a book of poetry by up-and-coming poet Emily Berry. In this collection, a mixture of poetry, play, and prose, Berry has a sense of fantasy, humour, estrangement. Berry digs deep into her past of childhood loss and dedicates this book to her mother. A book of mourning, exhilaration and the ocean: ‘A meditation on a want that can never be answered.’ 

It took me a while to get into this book of poetry. Berry is a writer of wonder. She writes wonderfully, but I don’t really read much poetry like this.

There were some poems which I just could not understand, and for that reason I found this collection difficult. I understood the literal words on the page but the pacing hurt my head and my eyes, and made it tricky for me to get what she was trying to say.

However, the more I read, the more I loved. I got into a whimsical, reminiscent feeling, and really began to love the snippets of poetry she has produced for this book. Her feelings towards her mother are of estrangement and loss, and they make for some really powerful writing which, all in all, is incredible to read.

The titles of the poems were also really interesting and brilliant; they were as much apart of the poem as the actual text itself.

I feel like Emily Berry is a writer who is still finding her voice, but she’s still a great poet to read. Once I began to get into the book of poetry, the more I began to enjoy it. I will be reading more by her in the future, and I would definitely recommend this book of poetry for more up and coming poets and readers. Berry has a real talent and her voice is so unique and unlike anything else I have read before that it’s really delightful to read.

Shoutout to Natalie @ Bookographic for lending me her book! ❤


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