What Is Happening To This Blog?

Hallo! So, my last post on this here Sprinkled With Words was… April 29th 2017.

Ah. Whoops.

So basically, I fell into a huge reading slump, one I’ve never had before. It got me down quite a bit, and I just wasn’t really into blogging either.

I’ve decided to quit blogging.

Ahah, jokes.

I’ve decided to quit blogging writing tips and reading discussions every Wednesday and Friday. I’ll still occasionally blog about these whenever an idea pops into my head, but to be honest it’s just too much on my plate. I’ve recently got a position as Copyeditor for my university’s paper; I am also a society member in two other clubs; and I’ve been running, climbing, and doing various other exercise classes as well as running my other blog, writing a book, reading other books, and trying to have a social life at the same time.

Basically, I have a lot on my plate.

However, I am going to be blogging book reviews! I am going to aim for 2 – 3 every week, and because I am now out of my reading slump *distant cheers* I’m going to make a back log for when I’m on holiday etc.

I really hope that you guys continue to follow and enjoy my blog. I want to produce quality content, and if that means reigning back a little bit, so be it. I love blogging, but I haven’t done lately, and whilst this is a difficult decision, it’s one I needed to make.

I am still taking Guest Posts, so if you want to be a guest blogger on this blog, click this link!

Happy reading everyone, and welcome to summer! (In the northern hemisphere anyway. Welcome to winter, for people in the south!)


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