5 Essential Pieces of Stationary for Writers

shutterstock_301207475This week is National Stationary Week! (Yes, really.) OKay, so this is in America, but I thought I would celebrate nonetheless and write what think are 5 essential pieces of stationary for writers! 

  1. Notebook.
    Surely this one is obvious?! A notebook is what every writer needs. Maybe two. Or three. Or, like, twenty. You need at least one for just an every day journal to carry around for ideas, I like to have one per novel/project, and then just others generically scattered about.
  2. Pen.
    A pen is obvious. It’s useful if you’re out and need to sign a form, but also because it keeps better than pencil and can be written on with almost anything. If you’re out of paper, feel free to use your own limbs. And different coloured pens are perfect for editing! I like the little symbols that editors use, but I prefer colour coding – such as red for “get rid”, green for “this needs quality editing”, blue for “move this to here”, orange for “this doesn’t sound right but I don’t know why right now” and so on.
  3. Pencil.
    Useful for sketching maps and characters. Also useful if you’re writing poetry/a short story and want to edit – you can erase it out and rewrite over the top if you want to change a sentence or edit the spelling of a word.
  4. Planner.
    A planner works really well for hitting those deadlines. ‘Nuff said.
  5. Post-It notes.
    These are fab for planning stories, or colour coding different things. They’re also great if you wanted to make a quick note, and you can even stick them to your PC/laptop! I sometimes have post-its all the way around my laptop screen to remind me to do things, or if I’m writing a short story I can quickly look up to see what I’m meant to be writing next. Also, they’re fun, and come in plenty of cute colours and shapes!

So there you have it: 5 pieces of stationary that I think are essential to writers. What’s on your list?

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