Top Ten Fandoms I’m Part Of

It’s Top Ten Tuesday (well, Wednesday. Again)! This week’s prompt is fandom freebie, so I’m writing about top ten fandoms I am a part of!

Yes. Again.
  1. Doctor Who
    I LOVE Doctor Who, so of course this is on my fandom list. I’ve been to the Doctor Who Experience (sadly, not to Cardiff yet, but it is on my list!) and I love the show.
  2. Percy Jackson
    Percy Jackson is one of my biggest loves. The character and the book… 😛 Seriously though, these books are the best and I love them so much. Magnus Chase and Heroes of Olympus are also brilliant, and the Kane Chronicles are high on my TBR.
  3. Harry Potter
    Like. Do I even have to explain this one.
  4. Once Upon a Time
    I haven’t actually watched the most recent series *gasp* but I love this show and I got so invested in it quickly.
  5. Marvel
    Recently, I’ve been very angry at the people behind Marvel, but their recent films have been really good and I’ve loved them. I love superhero films, and I’m also kind of counting DC on here, because I am PUMPED for Wonder Woman.
  6. The Shannara Chronicles
    I haven’t actually finished season 1 but I already love this series. It’s a bit too gruesome for me in some places, but efaklfj it’s so good.
  7. Merlin 
    *still crying*
  8. Frank Turner
    To be honest I’m kind of running out of “fandoms” but I’m putting Frank Turner, the musican, because he is fabulous and I would love a tattoo featuring some of his lyrics or something related to him someday in the future.
  9. Shadowhunters
    This is the show, The Infernal Devices, and The Mortal Instruments although less so the last one. All things Shadowhunters people!
  10. Booktube?
    Is this a fandom? I ❤ booktube and I’ve been watching so many videos recently. I’ve got to make a few more of my own!

So there you have my list! I hope you guys enjoyed. Are any of my fandoms related to yours?


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