Experimenting in New Makeup and Hair Styles

I am an experimenter. I would imagine (okay, perhaps if pressed for every adjective) that people might describe me with that, basically because it’s true. This time around: an experiment in makeup and hair styles! Why? Because I have a lot of capability with what I can do with my hair, and I have makeup that I’ve never used! So, basically: why not? 🙂

From Wednesday – Wednesday, I am going to be experimenting in different makeups and hairstyles and blogging (and vlogging!) about them. My video will be posted at the end of the post. There’s a master list of products at the bottom too. Changes of what I did compared to normal are emboldened.

I should probably say that normally, my hair is either loose, or in a half pony tail. My face wears concealer, powder, eyeliner/eye-shadow, and mascara, often with a lip balm. 🙂

The Experiment

Day 1 – Wednesday

Today I wore all my usual makeup – eyeliner, mascara, concealer and powder. However, today I added in a Highlighter and Pink Matte Lipstick!

I’ve worn highlighter (not the florescent ones you use on paper, although I have also had those on my face…) before, but I’ve always rubbed it off because it seemed too glimmery and shiny. Today, though, I took the plunge and wore it all day! The lipstick has similarly been worn before, but never out because the matteness, I won’t lie to you, scares me a little. It kind of stung my lips because my lips are a mess, but it was actually really nice to wear!

I also straightened my hair, which was an adventure! It didn’t actually take as long as I expected, and I really liked the finished product. It really highlighted how much my hair has grown (and how uneven it is…) but I don’t know, I just really liked it!

Overall? Day 1 = success!

Day 2 – Thursday

Today I thought I’d try something very different – I put my hair into a faux ballerina bun! I used the tutorial Dodie Clark put on YouTube. I’ve never (maybe ever?) had my hair in a ballerina bun before, so it was completely new to me! However, I really liked it, and so did other people – I got so many compliments and apparently I look very different with my hair up!

My makeup was also really rather different. I wore a fairly light purple eye shadow, as well as a dark pink lip crayon from No7. I got a lot of compliments on my lipstick as well! The eyeshadow, I thought, came out really well, and because I was wearing a purpley-grey jumper, the whole outfit came together too!

I really enjoyed wearing this. Thursday was actually a really ‘bad day’ mental health wise, but I although I felt like nothing all day, I think that making myself up actually helped to take the edge off. I wasn’t feeling self conscious, but more confident with my hair and kept my head up because I knew I looked good. I’m really happy with Thursday’s look.

Day 3 – Friday

I decided to give my lips a rest today, so I’m not wearing any lipstick. The new thing? Purple eye liner! I feel like this is quite a bold thing to wear, as it’s really not usual, but when I put it on it’s actually quite subtle; you can only really tell it’s purple if you look closely. I really, really like it, and will definitely wear it again!

However, my hair is a ruddy nightmare. I don’t know how to describe today’s style except as an elven half pony tail. I took two strands from the front of my hair, and wound them in curls before pinning them at the back. Whilst the right side of my face looked really good, my hair was so poofy on the left that half way through the day I ended up wrapping another strand up behind. I felt much more confident.

Overall? Hair = not a failure, but not a success. Makeup = love! ❤

Day 4 – Saturday

Today! I curled my hair. 😀 It took a while and didn’t actually come out very curly so I think I need a lot more practice in the whole curling thing but I was really happy with it! For some reason, even though it’s in my face as much as when it’s just down and poofy, when I’ve curled my hair I accept it getting in my eyes a lot more.

Anyway – for make up, I filled in my eyebrows. Ha! What a joke. It didn’t really work at all and I didn’t like the feeling of it anyway. Speaking of, I also wore liquid eyeliner! This actually went on really well and didn’t look half bad (if I say so myself) but it felt horrible and itchy and blagh I didn’t like it. (‘Though, I will probably wear it again.)

Day 5 – Sunday

Today… I was makeup less and I also didn’t do anything to my hair (except for tie it in a half pony tail when it got a little unruly). Not part of the experiment? Yes, perhaps. But the fact is, I know that you are meant to give your face a break and all, but aside from that, I remember telling a friend I was wearing more makeup and she said, “Just remember to still love your face even when it’s makeup less!” In spirit of that – no makeup.

And to be honest, I’m just running out of hairstyle ideas.

Day 6 – Monday

Today I wore my hair in a high ponytail which I haven’t done in ages! I really liked it, especially because it’s so much longer now!

I wore eye shadow again, with eyeliner! I haven’t done this combo before so that was something really new! I also a No7 Lipstick in Cameo which was quite a pink-y colour, but I really liked it. This look was really casual but I felt really pretty in it, so that was a positive.

Day 7 – Tuesday

Okay! Today, I, once again, put my hair up in a ballerina bun because I loved it so much when I did it on Thursday! I really liked this one again. It’s definitely one of my new favourite hairstyles!

And my makeup… I went a bit different and went minimalist. I guess. I just wore my regular makeup, sans eye shadow and/or eyeliner! Just mascara. 🙂 I also wore the No7 Lip Crayon I wore a few days ago.

This look felt really relaxed but I did kind of want an eye shadow, because I think it works really well with the bun. Ah, well.

Day 8 – Wednesday

The last day of my experiment! Today I didn’t wear any unusual makeup; just (a lot more) concealer, powder, and mascara, because I was going climbing and didn’t want anything to run. I also discovered today that I need a new mascara because I’ve had mine for over 3 months now and my eyes are starting to sting… ugh.

I wore my hair in a French plait which actually tied itself up rather nicely!

So there we have it: experiment? Done.

What I Learnt

  • That eyeliner gets better with practice. No, really. So don’t worry if you looked like a panda that one time.
  • That hair is really rather versatile, but if it poofs, it poofs.
  • Also: don’t be afraid to try something new! Something I wanted to try in this experiment but didn’t was purple lipstick, because I had a VERY bad experience with it once and wanted to try again. I didn’t try it… but I will in the future! (Maybe tomorrow??) Anyway. I wore my hair differently, and people loved it!
  • Sometimes putting on your makeup and doing your hair can make the day a lot better. ❤
  • I really want to experiment more in the future!

Video Evidence

So not only have I blogged this experience, but I also vlogged it. Hope you enjoy the video! ❤

Thank you guys for reading my post! Let me know if you want to/have experimented in your own look yourself! (And let me know if you enjoyed this post because I really loved making it!) 


Master List of Products Used

Makeup (* = worn every day)

  • *Lasting Perfection Collection Concealer – 1 (Fair)
  • *Collection Pressed Powder
  • *Generic face / powder brush I stole from my mum (seriously it’s the softest ever)
  • *Extra Super Lash Rimmel Mascara
  • Blackest Black Glimmerstick by Avon
  • *Highlighter Stick by Seventeen
  • PS… Velvet Matte Lipstick Crayon (Ballerina)
  • Emphasise eye palette by Seventeen
  • No7 Matte Lip Crayon in Raspberry Wine (?)
  • MK Signature Eyeliner in Violet
  • BYS Eyeshadow
  • No7 Stay Perfect Liquid Eyeliner
  • No7 Lipstick in Cameo


  • BaByliss Pro NaNo Straighter 200
  • *Remington Power (Hair) Dry[er] 2000
  • BaByliss Curling Wand Pro
  • Silvikrin Classic Hairspray (#2)
  • Hairbands
  • Hair slides

2 thoughts on “Experimenting in New Makeup and Hair Styles

  1. Ahhh I’m kinda mad cause I’m planning a really similar blog post! Oh well, you did it first now. 😂 I’ll watch the video later, but I’m glad you tried some new things, it’s always both scary and exciting!

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