6 Ways Of Controlling Your TBR!

We all know that TBR*s are wild and dangerous things. They seem to miraculously grow whenever you turn your back even for the briefest of seconds, and the books just seem to mount up… and up.. and up.

*to be read [pile]

I am also the proud and slightly scared owner of a TBR pile, and I understand how nauseating and scary it can be to see the unread books looming over you and even causing reading slumps. *sigh* Unruly things, these. 

Therefore, I have compiled some tips to help you (and me) tackle your TBR pile! Please, feel free to add your own tips in the comments below. 🙂

  1. Have a ruthless unhaul. I haven’t done one of these in a while, and I feel like I am long overdue (hello, Easter holidays). Reading tastes change so much, I don’t feel like we should be afraid to unhaul books that we have bought, had for years, but haven’t read. What’s the point of them remaining unread on our shelves when they could be bringing joy to someone else? Also: when is the amount of time they reside on your shelf, unread, enough? You really shouldn’t keep them there for 50 years! (Unless you’re waiting for until they’re worth a fortune.)
  2. Do Project 5. This is a new ‘project’ I am trying to do. I can’t actually find any trace of it on the internet, but it is a thing I found from Little Book Owl on YouTube. Basically, the idea is that you can’t get a new book until you have already read 5. I really, really need to start doing this, and I’m also going to be doing it for library books too (excluding course books, of course, graphic novels, and selective non-fiction, as well as ARCs I receive. I’ve also excluded unusual signed editions, and if I meet an author). It’s frustrating, but also makes you super excited to be getting a new book, so perhaps it won’t be residing on your shelf for months unread! I think that, if you do this right, you’ll manage to cut down your TBR by 1/3! (As you’ll be adding only 1 book every 5.)
  3. Only read _ books. For example, have a month where you only read YA books to help cut down your YA pile if that’s your biggest, or have a month of reading non-fiction or MG books. This’ll help cut down your TBR, obviously, but it’ll help you feel subconsciously better if one particularly genre is getting you down. For example, if I am feeling overwhelmed by graphic novels, I’ll read them exclusively for a few days; same with library books.
  4. Put a pound in a jar for every book you read. This is similar to Project 5, but perhaps more difficult! For every book you read, put a pound (or another amount!) in a jar. That is all you can spend on books. Not only will it encourage you to read more, but it’ll mean you’re not adding to your TBR as much either.
  5. Read more than one book at once. Some people like to rotate them around (eg have one at home, one at work and one on your phone) but I almost always read more than one book at once, nowadays: generally, a uni book, a library book, and one of my own books. Then, I can reward myself by reading 30 pages of my uni book by reading… 30 pages of another book! MORE READING!
  6. Make time to read. This might seem like a super simple one, but I bet a lot of people don’t actually make time to read. Don’t just read whenever you get the chance: take, say, an hour after dinner to sit down and exclusively read (not sit down and go on Twitter). You’ll be making yourself read way more instead of just waiting for your opportunity, and therefore cutting down your TBR.
  7. Get a read-a-thon to do, and get a book buddy. I’ve put these two together because they serve the same purpose: outside forces encouraging you to read. I set up a book club online (go join it here!) but it’s made both me and my IRL friend who is a part of it read more books. My book buddy IRL is also a huge encouragement (although she also encourages my TBR… :P).

So, there you have 7 of my tips, and ones I myself need to implement more in my daily life! What’re your tips for keeping your unruly TBR pile in some sort of general order? Let me know in the comments below! ❤


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