Just 21 Writing Prompts

table_accessories_old_notebook_pen_80714_5300x3524I feel like this time of the year is when people start dropping behind on their New Years’ Resolutions. (I certainly have.)

A lot of people, me included, made resolutions/goals to write more this year. Luckily for some, you might be doing a great job at sticking to that. Sadly, not everybody is. Therefore, I have created a list of 21 writing prompts for you to use at your leisure. Feel free to link me to anything to write based from these in the comments, and I’ll be happy to read it. 🙂

PS If write anything to do with these prompts, the pieces will be published on my other blog. Feel free to check it out! ❤ 

  1. Write about an object left behind.
  2. A waiter has to serve their best friend. What happens?!
  3. Write about someone’s favourite pair of shoes.
  4. How does your character choose what book to read next? Write a “choosing”!
  5. Describe a view from the top of a church tower.
  6. Write what happens before, during, and after a disaster. Focus on sound, touch, taste and smell over sight.
  7. If we had a seventh sense… what would it be?
  8. A rescue dog finds his forever family, what are they like?
  9. Describe different types of pain.
  10. Bring a Roman into the 21st Century. What happens?
  11. A character wears lipstick. Why did they choose that colour?
  12. Write an interaction between two characters via Twitter. Remember – only 140 characters allowed!
  13. What is your character’s favourite pen like?
  14. Head over to Pinterest. Choose a person. What was their day like?
  15. Write about a person who always gets up before dawn.
  16. 3 different people are all awake at 3am. Why? What are they doing?
  17. Write the worst story you can imagine. Then, make it good.
  18. A man drops a book getting into a taxi. Your character finds it. What book is it? What does your character do next?
  19. A burly, scary looking man is walking towards you. What is a physical characteristic that surprises you? [This was inspired by me seeing a scary looking man today. He was wearing cameo and a black beanie, but when he turned around the beanie had a sew on badge of Pikachu on the front.]
  20. Make an event of the everyday unusual.
  21. A character is looking through some vintage postcards in a charity shop, a little place in the corner of their town, and they see something that surprises/shocks them. What is it? Do they buy the postcard?

Go! Get writing!


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