How to Find the One… Notebook for You!

Pretty notebooks
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Ha! Betcha thought I’d gone all weird and romance-y on my book blog. Don’t you worry about that: I’m still very much talking about writing.

Notebooks are my love. I have many unwritten in notebooks, notebooks with a few pages here and there, notebooks that have been filled and have had pages ripped out etc. etc. I am always travelling with a notebook, and I would just like to talk about how to find the notebook that will become your new writing companion.

Every writer needs a notebook. That is just a given. If you want to write, you have to have something to write in. Some people like to use their phones and the “notes” app, but that stresses me out nowadays, so I’m only going to be talking about the physical beauties and, yes, giving you some recommendations.

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Notebooks that I favour have an elastic strap and a pocket at the back. My last, unfinished writers notebook probably won’t ever make it back to me, so I have myself a new one. It was meant to be temporary, which is why it’s a small, spiral-bound Pukka Pad notebook, but I actually really like it! It’s smaller than my last notebook (which gave me something to think about when choosing the next) and had pages which could be ripped out, which is something I really liked having. The main con, I feel, with a spiral-bound book though is that I can’t put in ticket stubs and other things inside.

However, I now have a new notebook that I can’t wait to start using! (I’m trying to finish my last one first.) This one is hot pink, with lined pages, a ribbon attached as a bookmark, and a mini pocket at the back. It’s only just bigger than my phone (iPhone 5s) so it’s a really great pocket size! You can actually buy it here by Sainsbury’s. I have not been sponsored!

This is GORGEOUS. Image from Google. 

A few places I recommend for notebooks: Sainsbury’s (I have never had a bad notebook/paper pad from here, and they’re cheap); Paperchase (whilst pricey, they are good quality); The Works (less in the quality, but cheap); Tesco; and just your local bookshop or Post Office. They tend to have good quality notebooks, with a good price.

However, when buying a new notebook, I’d definitely analyse it properly. I already knew exactly what I wanted when I went looking for it, so it wasn’t hard to find. Don’t just buy a notebook because it’s pretty. Obviously you would like it to be aesthetically pleasing, but make sure it’s suitable for its job, too. You don’t want something that will fall apart in a few weeks, because this notebook is going to become your new best friend.

So I’ve told you a bit about the notebooks I like, and the notebooks I use… so now tell me about yours! I would love to hear from you about your favourite writers notebooks. And if you don’t have one… what are you waiting for?!

4 thoughts on “How to Find the One… Notebook for You!

  1. I am a self confessed notebook addict – I have so many unused but can never stop myself from getting another. My current note books in use are my WIP note book, story ideas notebook (Almost full), a blogging notebook and then one which I have converted into a personalised monthly planner. Even with technology being as advanced as it is I still prefer my traditional notebook and pen. Thanks for the great post.

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