Goodreads Challenges | Why Is There So Much Hate?

1482186969-1482186969_goodreads_miscIt’s 2017, and you know what that means in a book lover’s heart? GOODREADS CHALLENGE SETTING! Yay!

Very much yay for some, but not for others. I’ve seen a lot of people set their challenges at 1 book this year, because once that 1 books has been read people feel like they can relax more. Personally, I’ve generally finished a Goodreads challenge around June-August, so I’ve never experienced Goodreads challenge stress, but other people have. I think that this is a great idea for setting if it’s something that makes you feel more comfortable. 

And then there are other people who have set challenges at 100 books, which again I would say is fairly feasible for a lot of people – that’s basically 2 books a week (or 1.92 if you ask a calculator). Considering that anything on Goodreads counts as a ‘book’ for the challenge, you could read one novel and one graphic novel, and they would both count.

And then, there are people who set their challenges at 200-300. Apparently someone has even seen a 600, which is over one and a half books a day! That’s incredible!

But this has caused a lot of hate on the bookish side of Twitter. For some reason.

Why has this caused so much hate? Do people not like that others can read a lot of books in one year, if they can manage maybe 50 or less? Or do people who read a lot scorn those who read less? Or are people just big meanies? (It’s probably the latter.)

My challenge this year is 36, which might seem bizarre when last year I read 150 books, but hear me out: I want to read 12 classics, 12 books for my book club, and 12 books of my own wanting because I am going to have a lot of work and hopefully be very busy! (That’s 1 book a month for each, by the way!)

So in my opinion? You should, of course, read whatever it is you want to read, and as many books as you can manage! If you want to put your challenge as one book, set it as one, or 50, or 100, or 400 if you think you can manage it. Don’t worry about what other people say: at least you are reading. Some people don’t even do that.

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