Book Review | Hello Me, It’s You by Hannah Todd and others

hyim1I was so so excited and happy when this book was added to my NetGalley shelf, and I read it in a morning. It was fabulous. The letters are really hard-hitting. Not all of them meant a lot of me, but even just a line here and there had me pausing for a moment and thinking. It’s a book I really needed at this time, and I will keep it on my phone, and maybe even buy a physical copy when I can.

HELLO ME, IT’S YOU is a book of letters from young adults (18-25 ish) to their 16 year old selves. It is a book about mental health illnesses, support for young adults, and fighting the stigma around these issues. I wish to say that this book carries a trigger warning, as it contains personal experiences of depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, tricotillomania, schizophrenia and other mental illnesses, as well as experiences of assault. All profits of this book go to the Hello Me, It’s You charity, which I think is wonderful!

After reading this, I have been inspired to write my own letter: “Hello me, it’s you.” I haven’t finished it yet, but I feel it is something that will be very therapeutic and hard to write, but worth it in the end for the release the writing will give me.

It’s a real testament to prove how life goes on, I think. No matter how hard it is right now, no matter how hard it will get, YOU WILL SURVIVE. Survival might be dragging yourself along through life, but you can get through it. I know that, in my privileged and sheltered life, I haven’t had the truly hard and horrifying times that other people have, but this book also teaches teens (and anyone) who minimise their own problems that they SHOULDN’T. Just because people are having it tougher than you at this very moment DOES NOT make your problems any less.

If a book ever deserved 5 stars, it is this one. Not only do I feel that for the anonymous writers of this book that it was incredibly therapeutic and worth it, it is to the readers as well, and to the ripples those readers will then cause themselves.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone, male or female (or non-binary) as the authors are all of different genders (although it is written anonymously). Some of the writers here wrote so eloquently, and it’s a project I myself would have loved to get involved in. I highly recommend this book, especially to older teenagers or young adults, like myself. It is a book that should be on every bookshelf, in every library, and everyone should be inspired to write their own letter.

*I received a copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

TITLE: Hello Me, It’s You
AUTHOR: Hannah Todd et al. (Anonymous)
GENRE: Non-fiction, YA
NUMBER OF PAGES: 112 (eBook)
ISBN: 9780993577918


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