The Surprise of Poetry

e26397c7fe425a5a91b89fa5e4d92929Before I came to university, I didn’t write much poetry. I’d been writing more in the past year or so of A-Levels, but before then I had written maybe one or two poems. They were all terrible. As in, I don’t have them anymore, they were strings of words strung together in no real sense, terrible. Or sometimes they were flat prose in poem form (which is probably worse than just flat prose). 

Since finding out I got onto this course, poetry has been my biggest worry. My poems are rubbish, I cant’ write poetry! I’ll be expected to read it aloud in class, etc. Now I know that although they might make you read out your work, you don’t have to write poetry! (Yet, anyway. I imagine I will have to in the future!)

However, I have actually written a lot of poems since i’ve gotten here. The majority are personal, poems which I wrote with high emotions. A lot are in my journal which I accidentally left in Leicester (in the care of Jake on pain of death) so I can’t go back and have a look right now, but I imagine there are a few snippets here and there. I wrote one about a character, Celaena Sardothien from Throne of Glass. I wrote one about mental health. I’ve written some lyrical prose. There’s a poem which will be appearing in January on my YouTube channel which I wrote in book titles and about books.

So why have I suddenly turned to poetry? Is it the high range of emotions I’m feeling? The fact I have only just started NaNoWriMo? Why aren’t I writing short stories? (I’m worried, okay.) The atmosphere of the writerly area of Norwich? WHO KNOWS.

This post is more about my own changing writing habits, and I’m still figuring out how I feel about them! You can always keep up by checking out my other blog. And here’s some more posts I’ve written on poetry:

Let me know in the comments below if your thoughts on different writing styles have ever changed! Why do you think they happened? Have you ever experimented with other styles? I’m interested to hear your thoughts & experiences! 😀 

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