Writing Letters to Fictional Characters

jdombs-travels-santa-post-office-7This is a bit of a random post for a book discussion post… but it fits as well. Writing letters to fictional characters might seem like an odd thing to do, and I do find them pretty hard to write, but I thought I’d do a discussion post anyway.

In my head, I can often talk to fictional characters. I used to work really hard on my ‘mind palace’ (which isn’t just a thing in Sherlock, although that looks way cooler), and in there I had both Hermione Granger and Legolas as well as my own characters (my mind palace no longer really functions, if you were curious). I don’t know why I had Legolas to be honest, because Lord of the Rings isn’t really me thing, but there you go…


I have sometimes written letters to fictional characters, but they’ve never really worked well. Why? Well, I’m not truly sure. I am a big letter writer (I will also fire off letters even if people haven’t replied to the first one… sorry, Jake). But fictional character letters don’t happen much.

Maybe it just feels too unnatural to write to a fictional character. Maybe it’s because the characters haven’t changed me. Whilst they might feel real to me, it’s their story, their journey, that has helped me grow and change as a person. Maybe I just wrote to the wrong characters.

Have you guys ever written to fictional characters? Maybe it’d be a great creative writing exercise. Have some fun with it! Of course it doesn’t exclude your own fictional characters. Who have you written to?

PS: It’s NaNoWriMo, you guys. Please cut me some slack this month. 😛

8 thoughts on “Writing Letters to Fictional Characters

  1. Honestly I’m obsessed with Criminal Minds and everything around it and I wrote letters to all the members of the team. It went kinda easy for me, because I told each of them a separate secret. Maybe that’s a tip or something idk

  2. I’ve been thinking about writing to a fictional character (Severus Snape) and I was looking for an article that could help. At least i know I am not the only one with this idea!

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