Book Review | The Graces by Laure Eve

Everyone said the Graces were witches.

the-gracesLike everyone else in her town, River is obsessed with the Graces. She’ll do anything to prove that she can be one of them, too. But are they really what they seem? Or are they more dangerous than River can imagine? – Adapted from Goodreads

The Graces was a book I picked up after a guy in Waterstones said, as I was looking at the buy one get one half price, “You looking for another book? Get that. That’s good.” I’d also seen it around on the bookish internets a lot, so I picked it up, and I read it very quickly.

The Graces reminded me a lot of The Accident Season  – it has the same autumnal, whimsy tone that both makes it perfect for this time of year and perfect for me. I love books like this. Laure Eve writes with lovely style, so I was zipping through this and enjoying it very much. (I also didn’t realise that this wasn’t Eve’s debut, so I will hopefully be picking up more of her books in the future!)

Let’s get to the characters. The Graces were amazing, I honestly loved them. They were dangerous and attractive and beautiful and flawed. I thought the parenting skills were a little (read: lot) questionable, but the kids were so… great. Like, I thought they were a little pompous. Who gets friends then drops them because they get bored? No one, really. But they were magical, and fiercely protective, and as loyalty is something I very highly value, that really appealed to me.

However, River? Well, she seemed like she had special snowflake syndrome. Despite the Graces literally not having a friend for longer than a few months, she thought she would become their best friend by purposefully being different and not herself. Like, good tactics, but argh that annoyed me. She also has an obsession with Fenrin, who’s the ridiculously attractive guy in this book, and Summer (the Grace of River’s age)’s older brother. This made for really interesting conflict though. However, by the end of the book, I was questioning myself. Sure, River still was completely weirdly desperate to be in the Graces’ crowd, but I’m really looking forward to book 2 and seeing what happens with both the Graces and River.

The many plot twists though. Gah. I nearly got whiplash. And they were all so good! I didn’t expect them at all.

I can completely understand why someone wouldn’t like this book. It’s rather far-fetched in the magical realm (some have been comparing it to Twilight too, which I can kind of see, but see my note on River), but I enjoyed it! I am interested in paganism, and older style pagan magic, so this really appealed to me.

SPOILERS PARAGRAPH (And can I just prattle on for a moment about Fenrin and Wolf? ‘Cause like, I need some beach fanart right frickin’ now. I had an inkling about them, but didn’t know if it was right but aaaaargh I neeeeeeeeed…. I hope to see more of these two coming out and being together in book 2.)

So overall? I gave this 4/5. I think the main thing was River, and seeing other reviews about it being far-fetched, in hindsight, kind of make sense. However, at the time, I really really loved this! I will DEFINITELY be picking up book 2 when it comes out.

TITLE: The Graces
AUTHOR: Laure Eve
GENRE: YA Fantasy
ISBN: 9780571326808
PERSONAL SOURCE: Bought from Waterstones Andover

Hi! This is just a quick note to say apologies for the lack of reviews. I’ve been so busy! Also, I might be pausing Sunday reviews for NaNoWriMo, just because I’ve been so busy! I’ll be posting reviews of books I’ve either really enjoyed or not on Mondays still, though, and expect some NaNoWriMo posts! Thanks for sticking around ❤ 

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