Book Talk! | Giving & Getting Recommendations

Bookish recommendations are marvellous. There’s even a thing on Goodreads for them. I love getting a recommendation, and then reading and loving the book. It’s also great when you get a recommendation of a person’s favourite/in their top favourite book/s, because when you read it it feels like you’re reading a part of them, like you’re learning about them. 

finger-passes-along-book-spines-library-animated-gifI give recommendations a lot. I’m always shoving books in people’s faces, buying people books I’ve loved and I think they will too. If you’re very privileged, I might loan you one of my own, favourited books.

Some people, however, get annoyed at people giving them recommendations. It’s understandable: with so many books coming out all the time, it’s impossible to read everything. Also, some people don’t take recommendations because they don’t trust the person recommending. Again, this is fair enough – I might not take a recommendation of a complete stranger (haha, I totally will: see The Graces), but I am more likely to take a recommendation of a close friend or family member, because they know me and are therefore more likely to know the type of books I like.

Moreover, there are huge, huge lists of book recommendations. If you just type that into Google, you can get books for the winter, books for summer, books to make you happy, books that will make you cry, books about books, books about dogs, books about emojis… basically anything you could ever wish for.

Now, the question is: is it too much?

Sometimes I like a good recommendation. If I’m just about to go the library, for example, I might pick up a book someone recommended to me on a whim. But sometimes if I’m busy, or can’t get to the library (eg moving house or whatever) or can’t afford to buy a new book that isn’t available, this recommendation gets tucked into my mind and then presumably lost forever, as with most information I’m expected to remember.


So then this great recommendation gets lost, and I might lose out on reading a fantastic book!

Also, someone might recommend me something, but my TBR pile is so staggeringly huge (and also rather menacing) that I simply can’t add anything else to it at the moment.

However, I will continue to give and accept recommendations, because sometimes you do discover fantastic books in this way. For example, I wouldn’t have read The Queen of the Tearling, Eleanor and Park, Shadow and Bone, City of Bones and The Graces are all books I read in the past couple of weeks, and if they hadn’t been recommended to me, and these are all books I really enjoyed reading.

So, what do you think? Do you enjoy giving and getting recommendations? 

2 thoughts on “Book Talk! | Giving & Getting Recommendations

  1. I love recommendations overall. Most of the stuff off my TBR came from recommendations from friends who are into books as well. Most of my favourite series came from recs. What I don’t like though is when they keep shoving it in my face, when they keep egging me on. There was one book in which I caved in and started reading just because they kept bugging me everyday to read it. The result was me not liking it or not giving the story a chance out of spite 😂

    I love recommendations but don’t force it onto me. Hah. I love giving recommendations as well, especially with the genres I am into. 💕💕

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