Book Talk | Audiobooks Pt2

audio-book-getty2About a month ago, I made a postI made a post about audiobooks and said why I didn’t like them. I gave myself the challenge of listening to an audiobook borrowed from the online library (The Immortal Secrets of Nicolas Flamel: The Alchemyst) to see if this could change my mind about audiobooks.

Weeeeeeell… here’s the verdict. 

I don’t think audiobooks are for me.

the-alchemyst-9780739350324-lgThat’s fair, right? I gave it a shot, and it didn’t quite work out. Overall, I listened to about 3/10 hours of The Alchemyst (by Michael Scott, read by Denis O’Hare) and that was about as far as I got to. I listened to the audiobook in the car, which was about 40 minutes, and although this worked very well for me, I wasn’t doing it every day, often I liked to listen to music so I wasn’t concentrating on what I was hearing as much, and since I’ve come to university, I have about 2 minutes of commuting to do.

I did really like having the audio commentary, but sometimes I felt like I was feeling to tense and I wanted to skip ahead to find out what happened. I’m more of a paperback person, it would seem; I read so much faster during the tense times, listening to an audiobook doesn’t really match up.

I also found that sometimes the voice was too quiet, especially in a car where I had no headphones and was listening via my radio speakers. This made it quite often rather difficult.

My favourite thing about it? The accents! Denis O’Hare is a fantastic narrator. Scottie especially was said fabulously.

I can see why audiobooks are for some people, but, personally, they’re just not for me. Maybe later on in my course for university, or next year where I will once again have to commute every day, I might listen to more audiobooks, but for now, the OverDrive app has been deleted and I’ll only be listening to them if I fancy it; I’m not going to be an audiobook listener.

What are your opinions of audiobooks? Have you ever tried and not liked before? Or tried and liked? 

3 thoughts on “Book Talk | Audiobooks Pt2

  1. I tried an audio book from the library once too. It was An Interview with a Vampire. I’ve read the book many times and twenty mins or so into the audio boo the narrator was already messing up, he continued to leave stuff out or say the dialoge wrong. Gerrr. I think audo books are best for tge blind, and severely dexlexic (Way less stressful to just listen I bet.)

    1. Yeah, some audiobooks are abridged, which means that they cut stuff out (I once accidentally did the same with Little Women and was surprised when it was only a couple of hours long!). Some people like them, some don’t, I think it’s fine either way but I get your point 🙂

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