Mini Reviews! | TimeRiders & Summer Falls

Reviews for TimeRiders by Alex Scarrow and Summer Falls and Other Stories (A Doctor Who book) by James Goss and Justin Richards. 🙂

TimeRiders (TimeRiders #1) by Alex Scarrow

Maddy, Liam and Sal all have one thing in common: at the time they were meant to die, a man came along and offered them a choice. They could either die where they were meant to, or could be taken away and exist apart from humanity, working together to save the human race from themselves.

The premise of this book was really interesting. The plot was set in a part of history I always find interesting: the Second World War. What If? history is one of my favourite things to ponder about, so of course I was going to like the ideas behind this book!

The characters are very different, even just via Liam’s Irish 1912 action, or Sal’s 2026 knowledge, but they all felt about 2.5D to me – not quite as realistic as they could have been. In fact, Foster felt the most relatable out of all of them. There were no real human emotions (eg, missing their family, guilt about other people who died in their disaster etc), so in this sense it was hard to fathom that they could have gone through these changes and just carried on.

Overall, I gave this book 4/5. It was a really enjoyable read, but there are a few character niggles that I thought were a little bit tricky. It was also resolved really rather quickly, and there were a couple of ending plot holes (although these might be cleared up in book 2 (WHICH APPARENTLY HAS DINOSAURS?!)). However, it was a good read and I’d definitely recommend it, especially to my brother who isn’t a big reader!


Summer Falls and Other Stories by James Goss & Justin Richards

Summer Falls is a collection of three short stories/novelettes, all featuring some sort of event in the Doctor Who universe. One is written by “Amelia Pond”, one by “Melody Malone” and one by Justin Richards – I have read previous stories by him before. I’m going to review all three of these separately – as the introduction says, the one thing that connects all three of these stories is ‘adventure’!

Summer Falls was a weird little story. When I finished, I didn’t really know what was going on, and especially who the dang cat was. I thought it was written in a very old-fashioned style, and it was quite jarring in places (I’m not entirely sure who wrote this). The idea was good, but the execution, I felt, was poor, which was a huge shame as I really wanted to enjoy it! 2.5/5

The Angel’s Kiss by Melody Malone was a scary little story. I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t like it. I thought Melody was very much like her character though, which was an epic plus. The ending was kind of open, something I don’t particularly like, but I guess it sets into the canon of the actual TV series! 3.5/5

The Devil in the Smoke by Justin Richards was a fab little story. This one focussed around Madame Vastra, Jenny and Strax – aka three of my favourite Doctor Who characters! They were very well written, but the supporting characters weren’t so much. The story was a little bit lacklustre and too similar to one of the Christmas specials, but enjoyable nonetheless. I would’ve liked more Jenny & Vastra because they’re adorable, but there you go! 3.75/5

Overall, this definitely wasn’t the best Doctor Who book I’ve read, even though it’s the first bunch of short stories! I did like the references, especially in the introduction though. It’s a little outdated now, so if you’ve only watched the most recent series, you might not get it. (Likewise, there may be spoilers for the 11th Doctor series’.) 3/5



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