On a New Adventure…

Right. Well.

You may (or may not) have noticed that I have been terrible at posting on this blog. The reason? I am off to university! …and forgot to schedule posts. (Sorry.)

I will be moving in on Sunday, but I will try to post as much as I can! They might be a bit sporadic for a couple of weeks! XD

If you’re curious, I’m going to the University of East Anglia and studying English Literature with Creative Writing! 😀

Anyway, I just thought I’d let y’all know. Good luck to all going off to university as well!

PS I would like to shout out Natalie @ Bookographic – it turns out that we’ve been following each other on Twitter etc (she actually recognised me by Sprinkled With Words!) and it turns out we’re staying in the same accommodation (sadly not the same flat, but one above/below) AND on the same course! Can’t wait to see you there!

PPS If you want to keep up, I’ll be posting lots (hopefully) on hannahbanana.

Stay cool, folks. 🙂


Book Review | Labrador by Ben Fogle

A social history of Labradors, and how they have become the world’s most beloved dogs, by writer, presenter and long-time dog lover Ben Fogle, whose beloved black Labrador, Inca, famously accompanied him on numerous journeys and adventures.

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Mini Reviews! | TimeRiders & Summer Falls

Reviews for TimeRiders by Alex Scarrow and Summer Falls and Other Stories (A Doctor Who book) by James Goss and Justin Richards. 🙂

TimeRiders (TimeRiders #1) by Alex Scarrow

Maddy, Liam and Sal all have one thing in common: at the time they were meant to die, a man came along and offered them a choice. They could either die where they were meant to, or could be taken away and exist apart from humanity, working together to save the human race from themselves. Continue reading

Book Talk | Spoilers!

Let’s start with a general, all-round statement I’m sure everyone can agree with: SPOILERS SUCK. Big time.

Spoilers in books are not only annoying because you can’t experience them for yourself, so it reduces the excitement, but it also means that you see foreshadowing everywhere. For example, I know what happens in the final book of a trilogy by Veronica Roth, Allegiant. I found this out after reading book 1, Divergent, so throughout the whole of Insurgent I was seeing foreshadowing. Everywhere. And I had to force myself to read the book. (I still haven’t read book 3.)  Continue reading

Tricking Yourself Into Writing

I seem to write an awful lot about not wanting to write, but I’ve been struggling with it (“it” being writer’s block) a lot lately, so I thought I’d show you guys how I can sometimes trick myself into writing.

Do it in a roundabout way

I was going to let this blog post slide, I won’t lie to you. I’m exhausted and I have a headache. But I opened my laptop (to do send photos to my phone). I thought I’d open up WordPress to check my blog. And then, while I’m here, I thought I’d write the blog post whilst I wait for my photos to upload. Roundabout… but productive.  Continue reading

Book Talk | Being Late to the Party

book-talk-late-to-the-partyIn the bookish world, I am continually late to the party. I pick up releases weeks, months, (generally) years after everyone else has already been talking about them and loving them. But is that always a bad thing?

GOOD – you can binge read basically the entire series

THIS IS SO AWESOME! You don’t have to wait for all of the books to come out (or many of them, at least) so you can binge read to your heart’s content. How long do you have to wait to see what happens after that cliffhanger? As long as it takes you to get to your bookshelf, my friend!  Continue reading

Book Review: Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare

clockwork princess.JPG

Clockwork Princess is the final in The Infernal Devices trilogy, so there will probably be spoilers of books 1 and 2… and it also contains spoilers for Clockwork Princess because everything I want to talk about has spoilers! This has been a really anticipated read for me, and I was terrified about finishing the series (moving onto The Mortal Instruments soon though). It didn’t disappoint.

Although sometimes I can’t see the chemistry between Tessa and Will and Tessa and Jem, I loved them all together. Will and Jem were great, and I loved Will’s up and coming relationship with his sister Cecily (who I didn’t realise was 15 until she had already kissed Gabriel? HOW OLD IS GABRIEL?!). I have no character qualms. I am not ashamed to say I really liked the character of Woolsey Scott, even if he can be a bit scary (casually checked over my shoulder there). I really liked that Tessa felt badass and ohmygosh that thing with Jem? THAT WAS SO HEARTBREAKING! AND THEN THE EPILOGUE?! I JUST – YES.


I also have no plot qualms. The bit with Tessa and her angel was glorious and I loved how they both connected. The defeat of the Infernal Devices felt really quick, but then I realised there were still 100 pages and lots of angst still to go through. Although sometimes the book seemed solely focussed on the romances, I guess that’s a) kinda what life is like and b) they’re big parts to the plot so it makes sense. And also they’re super cute.

Basically: this book and this series were amazing. I’ll be doing a big, rambling discussion on my YouTube channel if you’d like to check that out in the future. I can’t wait to go and read The Mortal Instruments although Tessa, Jem and Will will always be my first loves. (And Charlotte, and Henry, and Sophie, and Cyril, and Gabriel, and Gideon, and-)

TITLE: Clockwork Princess (The Infernal Devices #3)
AUTHOR: Cassandra Clare
GENRE: YA/steampunk/fantasy
ISBN: 9781406321340
PERSONAL SOURCE: Bought in paperback
RATING: 5(00)/5!