Book Talk | People Who Choose Not To Read

38c7235e741a8650e6756a7c5d2e219fSometimes, I see people in life who choose not to read. And I think, “WHY?!”

This quote from Mark Twain made me think:

The man who does not read [good books] has no advantage over the man who cannot read [them].

(The square brackets are if I’m not sure about the actual quote.)

Is it true? 

Some people may not read but they say they watch films, as if that is equal to a book. Or they might say that they read newspapers and magazines… which is obviously the same thing.

(I’d just like to note here that this post is not about literacy or illiteracy, but about people choosing not to read. In case you were a bit confused and thought I was being offensive.)

Books are wonderful things. If you’re reading this post, I’d imagine you already know that, this being a blog about books and writing after all. I spend much of my day with my nose in a book. Books are saviours; they show you that you’re not alone; they inspire and create and sometimes, they change lives.

So why would someone choose not to read? Do they thing they’re too high brow for books? Do they think books are too high brow for them?

I get if books bore you – I get it! I may be an avid reader, but I have DNF’d books! But then again… maybe you just haven’t found the right book? Why not try a different genre? Or a different format, like audiobooks? A different type of story, perhaps, like short stories or poems?

And why do people brag about not reading books? I just don’t get that. Books are wonderful! If you don’t read books, that’s fine (I may not understand it, but ok). But don’t make me feel bad for doing something that I love.

So sure, maybe these people don’t like fantasy. Or romance. Maybe they prefer films, or video games. But when they run out of battery, I’ll be sitting here with my book. Still not understanding why people may choose not to read.

What are your thoughts? Do you get why people choose not to read? Do you think I’ve been too harsh?! What are your tips for people who don’t like to read? Talk to me in the comments! 🙂 


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