Mini Reviews! | Ms Marvel and The Host

I did actually read three books this week (*gasp*) but a review from one of those will be up tomorrow! Anyway. Here we are.

Ms Marvel vol 1 by G. Willow Wilson and Adrian Alphona

ms marvelIn the comic that introduces Marvel’s first Muslim superhero, Kamala is given the powers of Captain Marvel and has to learn to control them. But is she ready to be able to wield these powers? Is she going to go down before she stands up?

Firstly, I loved reading about a new, more culturally diverse character. Kamala is from a Muslim background, and she lives in Jersey City (NYC? I don’t know where this is but I know it’s America) and there was so much about this culture I don’t know that much about! (Okay so I studied the religion historically in RE but I only know a couple of Muslim people in my life who I haven’t seen in years.) I like how big franchises like Marvel are now trying to be more diverse when our world now needs it.

The one huge negative about this was that the plot was feeble. It just was, okay?! There was this guy Ms Marvel was meant to be saving but I didn’t really care about him so I didn’t really care about the plot. The stakes just weren’t high enough.

Another huge negative is that only Ms Marvel and Bruno seemed to be completely fleshed out characters. The other characters had their own traits, of course, but they were kind of the cardboard background cut outs these two stood in front of to perform their own piece.

So, this comic was clearly about character development and Marvel establishing their stance on this diverse character in this world. It wasn’t a bad comic, but I would have liked more… pizazz, if that makes sense. Something more in the plot.

That didn’t mean I didn’t enjoy it! On the contrary, I totally did. It was a great, new reaching comic and I am on the search for Volume 2. Overall, I’ve given this 3.5/5.

The Host by Stephanie Meyer

the host.jpgEarth has been invaded. Melanie’s body has been taken over by a soul. But whilst most of humanity has succumbed to these invaders, Melanie is hanging on and refuses to fade away. The invading ‘soul’ is called Wanderer; she’s renowned on planets but even she can’t stop Melanie. As her host’s mind fills Wanderer’s with visions of a man Melanie loves and Wanderer has never met, they embark on a quest to be reunited with him.

I was sceptical about reading The Host. Now, I did enjoy reading the Twilight series at the time, but come later years when I’ve had so many outside forces pushing on me and telling me how much they hate it, I’ve been influenced and I wasn’t expecting much from The Host. All in all, it didn’t particularly deliver very well. The first half of the book – bearing in mind this is 600+ pages long – was full of me screaming at the characters for being either a) idiotic, b) overly sympathetic or c) annoying and creepy (like, Edward and the wolf one style creepy).

The book picked up when it neared the end, and I even had swimming eyes. Not enough to quite make me bawl, but enough to make my heart smile at the happy bits of it. This book is more than just a love story with the weirdest love pair-triangle-square I’ve ever seen (actually, I think I read a similar book but meh). It’s about family and hope and happiness, and I think those are really important lessons that exist outside of having a man. It’s about friendship and xenophobia, too, which are also very important morals to write about.

Overall, I’ve given this 3.5/5. The beginning made me roll my eyes and it was very Meyer-esque in the cheesiness factor but it also had some very important lessons. They didn’t increase my enjoyment factor (hence 3.5, not 4-4.5) but they are good messages to have in a sci-fi book and I did enjoy reading it. It could’ve been a little shorter but there was a lot of plot and it’s not like I can do anything about that anyway!

“Laughter was like a fresh breeze… did other species have such a simple healer?”

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