Book Talk | Readathons!

bt ; readathons.jpgAt the moment, I’m four days into the ReadThemAllThon (which I talked about here on my other blog). Over the course of July and August, I’ve participated in two other readathons, reading, so far, around 12 – 13 books.

Readathons are events organised by book lovers (all around the globe too!) where you may have to pick books to fulfil certain challenges (eg, a book with yellow on the cover, a book by an author older than you, a book written in the year you were born) and you aim to read a set number of books in a week. Some readathons, like the booktubeathon, maybe be accompanied by other challenges (in this case, video challenges on YouTube/booktube), some are just reading. Most are great for social (media) interaction! 

Personally, I love readathons. I read so much and it means that there’s a community of people out there, even if it’s just on a Twitter hashtag, who are all doing the thing you are doing and are (mostly) happy to talk about it. I like getting through my TBR by reading set challenges and feeling accomplished at the end of it – even if I’ve only read a book or even a page, I’ve at least participated in a challenge!

I think themed readathons, or ones with other challenges, are my favourite. Whilst it’s fun to just be reading books, it’s also fun to be able to take a break from reading to do something which also counts to the readathon too.

So tell me guys, do you participate in readathons? Why/why not? Would you like to if you haven’t?

If you guys want a readathon coming up, then check out this awesome directory by one of my favourite booktubers, Caz @ Little Book Owl 🙂 New readathons are being made all the time, though, so just keep an eye out on social media if you are searching to join one. Also, in most readathons you can join any time after they’ve started (you certainly can in the #ReadThemAllThon!) until they end so even if you find one half way through you can still join!

Basically that was a long winded way to say: TELL ME YOUR THOUGHTS ON READATHONS!

Me choosing my next book for the latest readathon 😛


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