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When I took my blogging hiatus, book reviews were one of the main reasons why. I felt under an enormous pressure to get them written, and I also started falling into a repetitive structure of writing them, and this was getting me down because the reviews weren’t turning out how I wanted them to; I wanted them to be different and varied between the books, not monotonous so people were reading my reviews and they could be interchangeable with each book. 

Pretty much all of the book bloggers that I follow write book reviews, and if you are one, then feel free to tell me: how do you decide which book to review? Do you review every book, even the middling ones that you have nothing really in depth to say about it? What’s your process of reviewing?

I like bullet points; like, writing them down in a journal/at the top of my screen as I type. I also just write whatever comes into my head. I sometimes do the “two stars and a wish” thing we were taught at at school – aka, write two good things and one thing to be improved on (or in bookish talk, something you didn’t like/wanted to change). The latter one is probably how many of my new “mini reviews” are going to take shape.

Should book reviews be long? Short? Contain analogies? Compare the book you’re reviewing to another? Should you write a plot synopsis or not?

One thing I have noticed, in watching a lot more book review videos, is that most video book bloggers (“booktubers”) don’t really film book reviews. (Thankfully my favourite booktuber does so I’m good!) Does this mean book reviews are better on a blog/print format?

Let me know your thoughts on writing book reviews (and filming book reviews if that’s your thing too!), and your own process if you write them, or if you don’t write them and yet have a book blog, why not?

4 thoughts on “Book Talk | Writing Book Reviews!

  1. I think the voice of the writer of the book review is very important. I’ve read all types and I find I most enjoy the ones that seem to be honest and passionate. Like I love reading a writer just gush about a book and then turn around and tear apart something they didn’t like. If it’s written in an engaging way, I don’t mind if it’s long. What I really like though is a star system. At the end of a review to get like 4 starts (etc.) is a really good way to summarize that I don’t actually see a lot of book bloggers do.

    I wrote book reviews on my old blog and I’m about to start on my current blog. I used to write really basic reviews and picked them just based on whatever I read and had some kind of opinion about. I’m taking a slightly different approach to the process now because my blog is really a writing blog, and the point of my reviews will be to sort of talk about what the books are good written examples of (i.e. Toni Morrison’s ‘Beloved’ is a great example of extended metaphor, etc.). Basically a little tweak on the formula of what a book does well and what it doesn’t do well. So that’s how I do it.

    1. Such a great comment! I really like the star rating too 🙂 And your process is such a good one, I might have to implement some of that myself! (But, then again, I’m not very good at that so maybe not ;P) Thank you so much for commenting!

      1. =D I’m glad you think my process is cool. Honestly I’ve been a little unsure about it. Thanks for a good post!

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