You guys. Ignore the creepiness. I am so so excited to be back.

How have we all been?! Anything fun happen whilst I was gone?

I took a slightly longer-than-anticipated hiatus because when my hiatus was “over” I was still too stressed to blog. BUT NOW I AM (relatively) FREE FROM STRESS! And guys, I cannot wait to start doing all my blogging stuffs again. And, more importantly, I have inspiration and a will to write again!

I’m making some minor changes since I last blogged, so here’s my schedule. I’ll try to keep to it as much as possible, but feel free to check my Twitter if I haven’t posted, because there’s likely a reason why.

Blogging schedule which I will hopefully try and stick to

MONDAY: This will be a full-on book review day, likely of one I either enjoyed or hated that I read in the past week (or perhaps before, depending on how much I read). The method to this one is that if you guys are interested in this book you can order it on the Monday and it’ll arrive in time for weekend reading! *dances*

TUESDAY: BREAK DAY. But sometimes I imagine stuff will go here, like updates or stuff I think you would all be interested in. (NB: Top Ten Tuesdays are now posted on my other blog!)

WEDNESDAY: Book talk day! I will be chatting about something interesting in the bookish world. (This is essentially “book discussion” but I like the word “talk” better. “Discussion” reminds me of unsuccessful school lessons. *shudders*)

THURSDAY: Guest post day! A lovely guest (you don’t have to have your own blog or anything!) will chat about something writing or book related. Click here if you’re interested or Tweet me or email!

FRIDAY: Writing advice day! I post something writing-advicey or writing-discussiony. Maybe I’ll add a challenge at the end of a post if people call for it! (If you have any requests of course, please get them to me somehow! I’m still taking owls but sadly smoke signals are no longer reaching me.) (The method in this madness is that you can use this writing advice over the weekend, reading a book you discovered on Monday! ;P)

SATURDAY: ANOTHER BREAK DAY (okay but I need some break days!). Ditto TUESDAY.

SUNDAY: Mini book reviews and general ‘stuff’ day. If I have anything interesting to post about my personal life, I’ll stick it in a post on here (or on Saturday!). Otherwise, it’ll be mini reviews of all the books I’ve read this week that I haven’t selected for the big Monday review! Then you can buy ALL THE BOOKS!

(I am also implementing more GIFs/pictures. Because yes.)

Some of the ‘scheduling’ I’ve done (eg the mini reviews – perhaps you’re thinking “Whaaat?” They do what they say on the tin) may seem a bit different or a bit odd, but I got so stressed with blogging last time that it wasn’t enjoyable anymore and that’s why I took such a long hiatus! I feel like this time around, I (should) end up being less stressed and still having fun doing what I love: blogging!

Reviews were one of the main things getting me down (aside from just the sheer amount). I felt like they were monotonous, and some became really hard to write. Hence, I am still doing my one review a week, but I’ll have something really interesting to say about it (instead of just a middling 3 star review which I find hard to write). Hence x2, mini reviews! These will be a max. 3 paragraphs and all posted in the same blog post. They’ll still give an overview of what I thought of the book, but with less discussion (although feel free to discuss with me if you want to, of course!).

Although I am writing for you wonderful people, my audience, I am also writing for me and I think that’s something I lost track of before my hiatus. I want to, obviously, make my posts helpful to you all but I also want to enjoy writing them!

I hope you guys are at least slightly excited I’m back. (I AM! I actually cackled in happiness so hard I’ve put my back out. It hurts.) I can’t wait to get back into blogging again! I’ll try the schedule out on top, starting from Monday, and if I need any changes then changes will happen!

Although all of my old posts will remain, consider this Sprinkled With Words Volume 2. I hope you enjoy the ride alongside me.

Feel free to go to my other blog to see what I’ve been getting up to in the months I haven’t been here, but until then… Cheerio!

– Hannah 🙂


3 thoughts on “GUESS WHO’S BACK?!

  1. Hi there Hannah! I’m your Broke and Bookish Santa recipient! Just a huge big thank you – it was so lovely to receive my bits and bobs through the post – it was my first time doing it, and I was so excited. 🙂

    It’s not a problem at all but someone else ALSO gave me ‘The Sun is Also a Star’ (which I read yesterday and is, incidentally, great). I can pass it on to someone else, or I could send it back to you if you haven’t read it. Or do a swaps or whatever. Anyway, if I don’t hear from you, I’ll send it back – it’s more fair. Thank you so much for the thought though.

    I don’t have Twitter, hence contacting you through your Blog, which you seemed to have revived and now I can follow you! How exciting! If you ever want a reading pen pal (as in writing rather than emails, they’re so much more exciting!), then feel free, just say the word 🙂

    You should get my email address so let me know if you want to be pen pals.

    Thank you again so much for your thoughtful gifts. My favourite were the postcard and the badge!

    Lots of love xx

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