Book Review: Four Warned by Jeffrey Archer

12570866_1088778634479836_1087458802_nFour stories from a master storyteller all packed full of twists and turns.

So this was a short, neat thriller I picked up and thought I’d try. I really quite enjoyed it, but I only gave it 3 stars. If you read on… I’ll tell you why.

In Never Stop on the Motorway, Diana is driving home when she sees a big, black van behind her, its headlights dazzling and clearly not slowing down. There’ve been stories about murders on the motorway before, and this is a hair-raising short story. By the end of it, I realised I’d read it before and it’ll make you glance over your shoulder afterwards. I liked this one, it was definitely my favourite of the four, and I thought the twist at the end was great. (See review with spoilers on GoodReads.)

3 years after Albert celebrates his 100th birthday in The Queen’s Birthday Telegram, he is confused when his wife – who turns 100 – doesn’t receive on either. This story, I felt, was very intriguing but overall had an unsatisfactory ending. In fact, the ending didn’t really seem to be an ending, and I felt like there was more to it. I still enjoyed it, but was unsatisfied overall.

Jeremy finds the perfect way to steal a ring for his fiancée in Stuck on You, and I really liked this one – TWO plot twists, neither of which I saw coming (that’s a half-lie; I accidentally skipped forwards and half-knew one of them). It didn’t have a shock factor like Never Stop on the Motorway, but it was still a good short story with a good mystery.

In Russia, Richard is wanting to murder his wife, and when the hotel warns him Don’t Drink the Water, he has the perfect plan. This one had an odd beginning, of a criminal telling a friend of this story – but they don’t appear at the end. So that was weird. But the actual story of this was brilliant, and I loved the twist ending so much! I wasn’t expecting it at all. Richard, to me, was a bit of a dickwad (just divorce her for goodness’ sakes, you don’t have to murder her!) but I really enjoyed it yes.

Overall therefore, I give Four Warned 3/5 and I’d recommend it for mystery, crime and thriller lovers. I’m confused as to if these were extracts, as some of them seemed a bit inconclusive, but I’ll definitely be reading more of Archer in the future!

TITLE: Four Warned
AUTHOR: Jeffrey Archer
GENRE: Thriller
ISBN: 9781447252481
PERSONAL SOURCE: Borrowed from library


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