Book Discussion: TBRs!

bd; tbrsI have a very, very large TBR list. Like, about two thirds of my bookshelves are my TBR list… plus most of the library. And, uh, about 90 books on my kindle… uh. Yeah. Oops.

A lot of book bloggers and Instagrammers I follow have TBR lists to the ceilings. But do TBRs do any good? Do we ever get through them? (Also TBR stands for ‘to be read’ if you’re reading this and thinking there’s some weird bookish cult.)

Personally, I find my TBR a) a little overwhelming sometimes and b) not always entirely productive. Because there’s such a wide access to books, from stores, charity shops and the library, I find I’m almost always adding books. I try not to get rid of books I haven’t read from my shelves, but sometimes that’s super hard too. I’ve had to add another bookshelf as well to fit in all of my books, which is awful (or brilliant). So, not only am I not being productive and getting through my TBR, I’m also adding to the whole mess. And then, when I look at the sheer amount of books I have to read… to say it’s overwhelming may be an understatement.

I am working my way through my TBR this year (if I stop picking up stuff at the library, I might get through a little faster but there we go…) so far, I’ve already read 12 books and although only 4 were from my shelves, that’s a lot more than it could have been. (A lot of those were graphic novels too, borrowed from the library, and I don’t think I own any…) So y’know, that’s going all right.

Overall, I do think TBRs are good, and I think you should have one – you don’t necessarily have to write down when exactly you’re going to read each book or even an order of what you’re going to read, but it’s always good to look at if you’re stuck for what to pick up next. It’s also good if you have a TBR-I-Don’t-Own list as well if you’re in a library or bookstore and want to get something to read but don’t know what. I have a few titles and authors scattered through my Notes on my phone and I can refer to them if I can’t find anything else!

Over to you then, folks. Do you have a TBR? Do you find it manageable? What’s on it at the moment? Are you reading something from your TBR, or have you strayed already?! Let me know in the comments! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Book Discussion: TBRs!

  1. Around two thirds of the books on my shelf are unread as well, and I understand what you mean about it becoming overwhelming sometimes. I’m trying not to let myself buy more than half the number that I’ve read so it goes down, though I’m not sure how long it will last!It’s lovely knowing that once I’ve finished a book I have plenty to choose from, which is a definite positive of having a large TBR! 🙂

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