Book Review: My True Love Gave To Me//collection

my true loveMy True Love Gave To Me was a collection I picked up because I thought it looked Christmassy and romancey. It was both, but also magical and New Years-y.

As it tends to be with collections, I enjoyed some stories more than others. Stephanie Perkins’, Rainbow Rowell’s and Gayle Foreman’s stand out. They were sweet stories, and most of them featured some sort of diversity which was nicely pointed out and not overly featured on (which was refreshing, as a lot of diverse stories focus heavily on the fact that they are diverse… not the actual story).

Other stories, I didn’t enjoy so much. These were the more “magical” ones, from the likes of Kelly Link and Laini Taylor. For the former, I just didn’t enjoy the writing style (not a problem with any of the other stories). It was an odd way to write, with little use of conjunctions and a big use of starting sentences with nouns, adjectives or verbs. Aka, how I sometimes like to write but not what I like to read. I think it was the lack of conjunctions that really threw me. It felt like the author was continually out of breath. For the latter, it felt like there was too much in the story at the beginning for it to be a short story. However, it did draw to a nice ending which I enjoyed – but to begin with, at 3 in the morning, when I was finishing off reading this, it just wasn’t my thing.

Some of the stories, especially the one by David Levithan, were very relatable to an insecure, anxious student like myself and as a result I really loved the stories themselves. They were raw and full of emotion, and because these authors are best-selling YA wonders, it was a real pleasure to sample authors who were new to me, but gave a brilliant short story for their target audience.

Overall, I really enjoyed reading this collection, and I’ll keep it on my shelf to revisit next time the festive season comes around. I think I’m also going to try some books of the authors I have yet to read, such as David Levithan, Jenny Han, Laini Taylor and Rainbow Rowell. I’d recommend this for teen readers who like to feel warm and fuzzy at this time of the year.

TITLE: My True Love Gave To Me
AUTHOR: Collection of 12 short stories – Edited by Stephanie Perkins
GENRE: YA (festive fiction)
PUBLISHER//YEAR OF PUBLICATION: Macmillan Children’s Books//2015
ISBN: 9781447272816
PERSONAL SOURCE: Bought from Waterstones

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