Book Discussion: Quick Reads!

bd; quick readsIf you follow me on Goodreads, you might know that I read an awful lot of Quick Reads. These are short, often no longer than 100 pages, novellas, from a company called Quick Reads who get famous authors to write little pieces of writing to encourage adults who don’t otherwise read to read. They cost £1, so are very good, but you can borrow pretty much all of them from the library.

I don’t actually own any Quick Read books myself, but I avidly enjoy reading them and often get at least one out from the library every time I go because they are so quick and easy to read – often they don’t take me longer than an hour, perhaps two. I read one in half an hour before, and that was at least 90 pages!

Why do I think they deserve a blog post? Because they’re a fabulous idea, and I really enjoy them. There are all sorts of genres: war, mystery, romance, historical, non-fiction/memoir and even Doctor Who books to name but a few.

If you can find a Quick Read, I’d highly recommend finding one which appeals to you and either buying it or borrowing it and giving it a go! Often I find their plots aren’t as complex – obviously, because they don’t have the room to be – and as a result these can feel a bit rushed, but often the characters are still well-written. I also think it gives you a good feel of the writer’s style, although I haven’t read any novels by any of the Quick Read authors so I can’t say for certain! (That’s next on my to-do list!)

So overall, yes, I do heartily recommend Quick Reads. What do you think of these, if you’ve read them? What about novellas, or novelettes? Or do you prefer novels?

PSST: If you’re just starting out, I recommend Blackout (Mystery) by Emily Barr, Rules for Dating a Romantic Hero (romance) by Harriet Evans and Today Everything Changes by Andy McNab (war, memoir).

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