It’s December!! Whoo! Winter! Christmas! Hot chocolate! Cuddles!

Aside from the cold and heavy snow making transport impossible (which doesn’t actually happen down here much), I do love this time of year.

I’m sorry I didn’t post on Monday, I forgot and then it was too late… what a surprise!

I hope everyone’s well! I’m still doing my 23 day writing challenge although I’m a bit behind – you can read what I’ve gotten up to so far on Wattpad, if you like.

There’ll hopefully be a Wednesday and Friday post this week! Yay!

(I’ve also just realised today is not Tuesday and is, in fact, Wednesday.)

Also guys remember I’m still taking guest blogs, so head on over and have a look and if you want, send in an article or at least an idea for one! If you haven’t had any experience before, don’t be afraid – send me an idea and I’ll help you to write it!

Have a nice week, all!


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