5 Ways To Get Writing Again

Between now and the 18th of December, I’m doing a prompt-a-day short story challenge (which I made up myself and you can read about here). It really has gotten me writing again, and I enjoy doing the challenges (even thought I’ve only done two so far!). I started it because I was struggling with writing, so I thought some other people might find it helpful, too.

  1. Do a writing challenge. You can find one on the internet fairly easy via Googling, or you can make up your own, like me!
  2. Write down a list of reasons why you can’t write right now. Beat them. The list could include things such as “I have to wash the dishes” – in which case, do them – or “I have to pass my A levels!” In which case either wait until they’re over, or overcome this.
  3. Write something outside of what you either normally write, or outside your current project. So, write a piece of non-fiction, like an essay, or write a poem, or a short story from a genre you’ve never tried before. This should get your writing juices flowing fairly well!
  4. Talk to a friendly writer friend. They might help you to be able to work through your writing block, they might offer ideas, or they could just offer their support and sympathy and hopefully their vast collection of chocolate.
  5. Just push on through it. Sometimes if you can’t write, all seems lost, but you might just be over a tricky bit in your plot. You’ll be able to do it eventually.

I hope these have helped! If you have any more ideas, want me to be your aforementioned friendly writer friend, have any comments in general or just want to chat, feel free to comment below! 🙂

I hope your weekend is writerly and your words come well!

2 thoughts on “5 Ways To Get Writing Again

  1. These are helpful ideas. It usually helps me to just sit down and read for awhile. And by ‘usually’ I mean I rediscovered this tactic about three weeks ago and felt very dense for not realizing it sooner. xD

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