Book Discussion: Libraries

Libraries are wonders of the universe. Isn’t it cool that a race as selfish as the humans can create things where you get free books (for a period of time, anyway)?! It’s just amazing.

I love libraries, and when I go down to my local one I always take out way more books than I should which is then annoying because I have to read them. For example, I have two due in 3 days. I haven’t read either. Oops.

BUT! Libraries are really cool not just for the vast array of fictional books on offer. They often have cool displays or exhibitions, or a child’s area with picture books, colouring pages and audio books.

Actually, let’s get on to all of the things that aren’t just books. There tends to be computers, audio books, DVDs, CDs, and people to talk to! What else does one person need?!

And if you actually want the books, then not only is there fiction, but also non-fiction. Ah, it’s wonderful.

I think we should appreciate libraries more and quell any person trying to shut them down. They’re valuable necessities to society.

How much do you love libraries?


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