Book Reviews: Dark Touch Series by Amy Meredith

I thought I’d do a review of 4 books in 1 post! So this series is called the Dark Touch series and its by author Amy Mereith. Set in Deepdene, a town on the American east coast, the series follows three teenagers, Eve, Jess and Luke, as they battle demons and Eve learns of her new powers of the Deepdene Witch.

If you don’t want to read all of the reviews below, here’s a quick one. I gave each book three stars (but I enjoyed The Hunt and Fever the most) because although they were interesting and entertaining, they weren’t the best things I’ve ever read and some things did annoy me, like the constant name-dropping of products like iPhones etc. It was humorous in places, sad in places, scary in places. I quite liked them, though, and read all four in a day each. They’re not long reads, and perfect for 11+ year old girls (well, that’s who they’re clearly aimed at!). Recommended.

Book 1 – Shadows

This year at Eve Evergold’s high school, two new boys have shown up: the gorgeous blond Luke, and dark, sexy Mal. Eve thinks they’re normal: until people start going insane and electrics start short circuiting whenever she’s near them. A demon is amongst them, and Eve has to find out who it is and how to destroy them before everything goes to hell.

I got the first three of these novels for Christmas (I think?!) last year, and I just thought, “What the hell!” so I read them. They seemed they were aimed at an audience a lot younger than me, though, so I rolled my eyes through the first few chapters. Then, when it got into the plot more, it was even difficult to put down!

I didn’t really have any qualms with the characters, although the main female characters, Eve and Jess, seemed like airheads to start with. They did show character development through the novel, but I’m looking forward to seeing more in the next 3. Their friendship was lovely, but I felt like sometimes it was a little too idyllic and too cliché. But oh my gosh there was a really adorable scene which I kind of rolled my eyes at and kind of teared up at at the same time.

The main demon was actually pretty interesting, and I didn’t know who it was completely until the final showdown came around, which was what I did like about this novel: to start with I was shouting, “It’s him! No, wait… it could be him. No, it’s definitely the first guy. But could it be…” You get the picture. And the demon wasn’t actually cliché! I liked the demon! Which is good, because when you like villains, most people both like and hate them. The main demon in this was witty, sly and actually pretty cool in what he did.

The actual plot was a typical supernatural-style plot, and this novel hasn’t really set itself up for the next one, which I kind of like in a way, although I’m not sure how the next is going to work. I suppose I’ll have to see!

The writing style is good, but it’s as if the author breaks the narrative to talk directly to the reader, and not like in a The Book Thief or Percy Jackson style – aka, I didn’t really like it. The things that were said were a little cliché and shallow, and the book really could’ve done without them.

Overall, I enjoyed this and I’ll read the others in the series later this year. It’s not an epic work, but an enjoyable way to spend a couple of hours, and I’m intrigued enough by the characters to carry on reading.

Book 2 – The Hunt

Eve Evergold is back – and with demons once again. This time there are more demons to deal with in Deepdene. Unlike last time, however, these ones are willing to kill for what they want. And, to Eve and the town’s horror, they have already started…

I enjoyed this one way more than the first.

The characters have started to grow up! Both Eve and Jess seemed much more mature in this book, and their dealings with the demons and indeed with life seemed altogether much more appropriate as opposed to young teens running around scared out of their wits. I much preferred them in this novel as opposed to the first.

I’m a bit of a wuss. The demons in this one scared me. Properly scared me, as in, “I hope I can sleep tonight,” type of scared me. I had heard about these demons before in other literature/TV so I already knew a little about them… and I was still nervous. But that made it good and I did actually enjoy it!

There were new characters and a new society introduced in this novel, and I think that a) it’ll be good further down the line, and b) they added a fresh dynamic to the plot and storyline. Basically, Meredith did well in adding this extra in now and not too early, I felt it came around the right time, and in around the right way.

I read almost the entirety of this in one sitting, which basically tells you I didn’t want to put it down. Yes, I enjoyed it. Shoot me (please don’t). Therefore overall, I did enjoy this novel, and I’m looking forward to the next ones in the series. I’m starting to get emotionally invested in the characters (I probably shouldn’t: there’re only two books left in the series…) which makes for a more enjoyable read, and the plots are picking up, getting scarier and more fulfilling. I feel this series is definitely growing, and the sequel outweighed the first book. Even if the girl on the front cover is a little creepy…

Book 3 – Fever

When a vicious tropical plague sweeps Deepdene, Eve and her friends Jess and Luke just try to bask in the abnormal heat and do what they can to avoid getting the disease themselves. They suspect their teacher, Mr Dokey, brought it back with him from a recent trip to Egypt – but also begin to suspect that he brought something more sinister along with it. The plague worsens, the town is shut off and now with a shape-shifting demon on their tail, the trio probably have a lot more than they bargained for.

This is the third in the Dark Touch novels, and honestly I think they’re getting better as they go along. I mean, this one was full of clichés and stupid pet-names for things, but it was an enjoyable read.

The characters are developing and clearly getting older, which is nicer to read, as they’re becoming around my age a little more. Their education into the world of demons is also interesting to read, and I’m quite enjoying their progression from not knowing anything to actually anticipating what’s going on, which makes the action far more interesting. Eve getting used to her powers also helps this.

I quite liked that this plot almost had two strands to it: the plague and the demon. However, I felt like it was concluded far too quickly, and although there was a neat cliff-hanger, it came too quickly as well. So, bad time on author’s part.

Overall, however, I quite enjoyed the 3rd book in the series, far more than the other two thus far. Onto the fourth!

Book 4 – Betrayal

Eve’s life seems to have settled in Deepdene, with a new relationship and Jess’ prom coming up: it’s never been better. But, Eve has discovered, when life seems too good to be true, it probably is. When a new demon shows up, it’s far more powerful than Eve has seen before. But this time, Eve seems like she might have to take on the demon alone…

The final book in the Dark Touch series by Amy Meredith was, well, a bit of a let down compared to book 2, The Hunt and book 3, Fever. I mean, it was about the same, and there was actually a lot less name-dropping than the last 3, which was nice.

The characters were really themselves in this book I think, although I’m surprised that Eve forgave Luke so easily for the thing (I’m trying not to give away spoilers!). I quite enjoyed Eve in this one, though, she seemed a lot more realistic than the last three. I guess it really shows how Meredith has grown as an author.

The plot was rather interesting, and I didn’t actually guess “whodunit” until the end which was pleasant, mainly because I wasn’t 100% awake. The first new location that wasn’t Deepdene was used, and I quite liked the change of setting.

Overall, then, I quite liked this book and it was an entertaining 2, 3 hours of my morning.

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