It’s Moooooooooooooooooooonday! And that means the start of a brand new week. For those in UK education, that’ll also mean the official start to half-term. Yay! And for those attempting NaNoWriMo out there, that means 5 more days until Day 1… I hope you’re prepared! (Or, y’know, not. Like me.)

This week, I shall strive to get out all 4 (four?!) posts. And, if I can read the last book in the series in time, I’ll try and get out a quadruple book review for a young-teenager demon-fighting series. Fun times.

Thanks for not, y’know, eating me due to last week’s failures. I’ll try better! 

This week’s going to be fairly hectic for me, I think, so no more procrastination. I should also probably lay off the italics. It doesn’t really help that I’ve kicked off the week being ill, but there we go.

Have a lovely week, all!


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