Book Discussion: Graphic Novels and Comic Books

bd; graphic novels & comic booksEarlier this week, I read the graphic novel of An Inspector Calls, which is a play and has been remade into film time and again (most recently on BBC 1 a couple of weeks ago). However the format I found it in first was graphic novel.

I really got into manga or comics when I was younger and I’m only discovering them now. They explore stories in a way that no other format can – in novels, the reader has to imagine the scenes. In films, the scenes may move too fast for the audience to see and process what’s going on. Graphic novels have the unique USP of having both pictures and text, and then the added bonus of being able to read in your own time and go back to any bits you didn’t quite bit.

The downsides of graphic novels is, obviously, they aren’t novels. If you get the graphic version of a novel like Percy Jackson or Twilight, for example, then the entire text won’t be there. (However, that was the great thing about An Inspector Calls – it had the entire original text.) When I took the Odyssey at college, I persuaded my mum to get it for me as Marvel did a comic version, and, whilst it was great, it didn’t have all of the detail I needed.

Overall, whilst I really enjoy graphic novels and comics, they don’t “do” it for me the way that novels do. I still enjoy them, though, in a way unlike I enjoy novels which are good but in a different way. I’m even working my way through a collection of Catwoman comics at the moment.

What’s your opinion on these gems of the literary world? Do you like/dislike them? Read them? Don’t read them? Tell me what you think, people!

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