I’m Very Sorry: Update On My Blog

Hi everyone! (Again!)

Okay so I’m really sorry I haven’t been posting for sometime. To be perfectly honest, I’ve been struggling with some things and I’m trying to sort stuff out. So, yeah, that’s been happening.

Also, I’m a terrible self-motivator. So that’s a huge contributor. But I’ve added another reminder to my phone, so hopefully that’ll get me going (I’m actually about to do a book discussion post right after I post this).

I just thought I’d write this note to say sorry and that I will try to get everything going: But, likewise, please forgive me if I mess up time and again (I mean, if you’ve been following for a while you’ll understand that this is pretty regular with me, I am one to miss a post every few weeks).

So that’s that. Also, I’m still looking for guest posts if you have any!

Hannah 🙂


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