Book Discussion: Classics

During your time at school, you probably read a few classical books. Personally, I read Lord of the Flies, Of Mice and Men and Romeo and Juliet. In my first year at college, I read In Cold Blood and the fairly recent True History of the Kelly Gang. This year, it’s Macbeth, Pulp Fiction and Orwell’s Shooting an Elephant and Other Essays. 

Outside of school, you may not, however, have read many classics. I’m sure most people nowadays have read Pride and Prejudice, To Kill a Mockingbird, Lord of the Rings or even some Charles Dickens.

Some people prefer classics, some more modern literature, but often they don’t know why (unless it’s, “Because it’s more high brow” or “college”).

Why classics?

  • Escapism – not that modern literature doesn’t have it, but this has a contemporary view on a now historical world and takes you to another time, often.
  • The poetic language – a lot of literature nowadays consists of short sentences, mundane adjectives and universal spellings. Classics have long, flowing, poetic sentences, archaic spellings (connexions is a personal favourite) and brilliant words like, “Alas!” which are used almost as often as “Oh!” is nowadays and otherwise the only two “people” I’ve found in modern times to use this is Albus Dumbledore and Frank Turner.
  • The plots – they’re often with intriguing, different characters, lavishly layered with subplots.
  • And come on. It’s classics. The characters. 

What are your opinion of classical literature? Do you read classics? Do you like them? Comment & let me know!


2 thoughts on “Book Discussion: Classics

  1. I love Classics 🙂 They’re the reason I started writing lol.

    I think I read classics for the escapism. I mean I live in the big city now and love to read older books such as Lord of the Rings or anything by Shakespeare to take myself away from all the modern conventions. I also read older Sci-fi books to get a “fresh” perspective on what the future could be like based on their knowledge at the time.

    Great post 🙂 I always find your posts so insightful. 🙂

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