Guest Review: Teardrop by Lauren Kate//By Victoria

Teardrop by Lauren Kate is simply amazing. When I checked Teardrop and its companion novel, Waterfall out from the library, I wondered if I would like them. I definitely did. The first chapter of the book was kind of confusing and started with a guy named Ander and how he saved a high schooler named Eureka’s life. Apparently, Ander stalks Eureka and is urged by his people to kill her. He also happens to know every detail of Eureka’s life. Creepy, right? In the next chapter, the narrator zooms in on Eureka and her thoughts. I personally do not prefer such a sudden main character switch in the beginning, but after a while, everything made sense because Eureka was just as lost in her world as a reader would be. I was amazed by even without having to have Eureka narrate the passage, I could understand her feelings just as well.

Eureka was told by her mother not to cry, ever. Sometimes, Eureka gets jealous since other people can express their emotions so freely but Eureka must never cry. In a car accident on a bridge, Eureka’s mother died. In her will, she leaves Eureka a letter, a thunderstone, and a book that’s written in a language no one happens to understand. Eureka’s best friend, Cat (she’s not a real cat, she’s a person) has a friend who leads them to find a fortune teller. Ander warns Eureka that her other best friend, Brooks, is dangerous. What’s more interesting is that Brooks warns Eureka that Ander is bad too. In the storybook Eureka’s mother gave her, a woman named Selene is engaged to King Atlas but then runs off with his little brother, Leander, instead. Leander eventually breaks Selene’s heart. Eureka, Brooks, and Ander each play a part in the story. Ander’s relatives, the Seedbearers want to kill Eureka since her tears can bring back Atlantis, the evil city where Selene’s tears destroyed. I knew from the beginning Ander and Eureka would fall in love and the Seedbearers were obviously bad. However, I did not anticipate the Seedbearers would murder Eureka’s stepmother to attempt to kill Eureka, since they were supposedly doing “good things”.

Normally books are either kind of boring (e.g. Yay! That boy loves me! or What can I do to get his attention?) but sometimes they’re full of action (e.g. Oh no! A monster is coming in five days and I will try to save everyone! The monster arrives and I lost all my energy defeating him.) My personal favorites are the ones which the characters where are fighting but don’t engage in some kind of bloody combat most of the time. Teardrop matched the criteria perfectly. Books that are similar to Teardrop include The Maze Runner, Free to Fall, and Waterfall.

I love reading and writing things!  If I read a good book, I can pretty much guarantee by the end of the day it’s finished! I love writing because it’s a great way to share my ideas with a lot of people quickly.  One of my favorite parts of writing is thinking of a creative name that matches my story.


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