Book Discussion: Book Recommendations

Saying ‘I love books’ would be an understatement. Probably. I mean, I really do love books. I’m on many bookish sites, including some ARC sites and, obviously, GoodReads. 

On GoodReads, be it the app or the website, there’s a section which gives you recommendations based on what books you’ve already added (or sometimes they just come up on your timeline). 

However, recommendations and I sometimes have disagreements. For example, as above my recommendation of ‘because you read Anna and the French Kiss…’ doesnt mean a) I loved it, nor b) I’ll like The Sky Is Everywhere. (I haven’t read it so I can’t compare.) The Genre recommendation seems more plausible, as it gives a lot (there were 50 in the genre section) and it also gives high ranking ones anyway. 

But it’s as simple as this: just because I’m a vegetarian, doesn’t mean I automatically love all vegetables. It’s similar with books: just because I 5-starred one YA romance novel doesn’t mean I’ll love all of them. I do like some recommendations, but I tend to find them through similar-minded people on Instagram, or my friends and Goodreads occasionally (such as someone who started reading a book I found interesting, or ‘trending in…’) but I have so many books anyway, I find some recommendations not only annoying but unwanted! Especially if it’s similar to a book I loved… And then it’s nothing like it. 

This post might’ve been a bit scatter-brained, but I am shattered, so sorry about that. But anyway: what is your opinion of book recommendations? Yay or nay? Do you like giving them (I didn’t write about this, but I do! A friend of mine recently read a book I recommended and loved it!)? Getting them? What do you think about automatically-generated recommendations, such as on Goodreads? Comment and tell me all! 


4 thoughts on “Book Discussion: Book Recommendations

  1. Normally I dislike book recommendations for the simple reason of it feels as if someone is forcing something onto me. These normally come from my friends though who read completely different things then I do . Sometimes you have to try to books they recommend though because that is how I came to read both Eragon and Percy Jackson.

  2. I like book recommendations! If I get one I look at the summary on the back or look at its ratings to decide if I want to read it! The goodreads recommendations aren’t always as spot on. They have recommended me some odd books.

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